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Seven wonder festivals of Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of festivals celebrated during the whole year, some are very famous internationally and some are the reflection of its tradition and culture, a good way to melt with its citizens and to feel as a local.

The Merce. Traditionally and culturally, it is the best one of the city called originally “festa major de la mercè” to pay tribute to its patron saint La Mercè. A lot of activities are scheduled like the parade of the giant, the castle human, the catalan dance sardana… and the important celebration day is september 24 but the festival starts 1 week before.

The gracia festival. The “festa major de gràcia” is

celebrated from august 15 to 20 in the Gracia district, one of the most popular zones of Barcelona. Its particularity is that main streets are decorated according to the selected theme and each one is competing against each other to win the first award. Also, there are a lot of activities like free concerts, outdoor movies...

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The grec festival. This cultural festival is about dance, theatre, music and circus which is celebrated in different areas from june until end of july. A good way to know the catalan and spanish culture in a very entertaining manner.

The epiphany. It is the spanish christmas celebration since in many countries, the most important day is december 24/25, in Spain, it is january 5/6. It is the day when the 3 kings arrive to Barcelona and after attending children and why not adults also, there is a parade organized for about 2h and the tradition wants that kids pick candies the most as possible throwing by parade carts.

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The mecal air festival. It is an outdoor festival which the goal is to show movies in a big screen just next to the castle of Montjuic during night time from july until september. This event is very welcomed by the citizens because it is a good way to escape to the heat and moreover, there is a beautiful view on the city and for few euros, you can buy a meal in case if you forget to bring foods for a picnic.

The sant medir festival. Celebrated on march 3rd, this traditional festival is to follow the step of a legend about a farmer dating from 1830, parades and dances are organized in 3 different districts, Gràcia, Sarrià and La Bordeta. You will walk with local people from those districts until the hermitage of Sant Medir situated in Collserola and once you will be there, there is a local lunch organized with the nearby villages.

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The mas i mas festival. Celebrated during the full month of august, this local festival is about music of all styles as jazz, gospel, classical, pop… in different places of the city so if you want to know some spanish bands, don’t miss this event.

If you don’t read it yet and you want to know my top favorites which are totally different from the ones above, travel now to discover my 7 wonders of Barcelona.