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Have an affordable visit to the surprising and hidden places of Barcelona guest post written by Alicia

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and is the second largest city in Spain. It is located on the north-eastern cost of the Mediterranean shores and Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona is the city for many tourist places and attractions to be visited, and it is a city of art, architecture and history. There are 2 regional languages spoken in Barcelona - Catalan and Castillian Spanish. Here are a few top attractions of Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia: The main attraction of Barcelona city is Sagrada Familia, the construction of this church began in 1882 and it is expected to have been completed at least another decade later. It is considered as UNESCO Heritage site, the idea of this church construction was

launched by a devout organisation of people. This is one of the worthy places to visit in Barcelona as it narrates the story and history of church and its architects.

Barcelona FC Museum: This was opened on September 24th 1984, later in the year 2000 the museum was renamed as President Nunez museum under the presidency of Joan Gaspart. The museum was categorised into three sections along with a 3D cinema.

  • The first section includes: Collection of documents, history of museum on interactive glass wall, photos and so on.
  • The second section includes: Displays work by local artists like Dali, Tapies, Miro etc. and a private collection of art on permanent display.
  • The third section includes: Displays the futbolart collection of various football memorabilia.

Imax Cinema: Located in Port Vell and is close to the centre of the city, this was the first Imax integral theatre in the world.

This large format cinema theatre uses 3 kinds of technologies, depending on the choice user can enjoy three different types of projections which differ in their technologies:

  • IMAX technology
  • 3D technology
  • Omnimax technology

L’Aquarium de Barcelona: This aquarium allows its users to have a unique experience of a scuba diving adventure. This is open all year around; it shows the importance and explores the nature of underwater. There are different services such as souvenir photo, shopping, cafeteria, auditorium, underwater transparent walkway etc.

Poble Espanyol de Montjuic: It is a Spanish village built for an international exhibition held in 1929, there are 116 buildings in it each of it represent different architectural styles. There are restaurants, bars, shops etc. There are several other attractions including, artisans in workshops who produce and sell attractive paintings, glassworks, ceramics and other products.

Barcelona is the place with many attractions in it; visitors can enjoy sightseeing, excursions and enjoy unique experience. So it is a must visit place, do not worry if you do not have enough funds to plan a holiday to Barcelona. You can have an affordable visit through various financing options like travel loans or payday loans.

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