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Barcelona Downtown

The downtown of Barcelona is around its main place called catalunya square which is surrounded by its old district, the Ciutat Vella, with its famous street la rambla and by the golden square in the Eixample district with the famous buildings of Gaudi.

The area is full of things to discover like the roman wall, the former medieval city, the old harbor… but there are also many streets for shopping, to see stunning architectures… but first, let’s me start to talk about the square.

To go to the square from the airport it is very easy, if you take the airport bus, it will lead you directly to it, you

just have to get down at the last stop. Moreover, you will be next to the main tourism office so if you arrive during day time, you can go there quickly to take a map of the city before to go directly to your hotel to drop your luggage.

The most interesting thing of the square is its statues, there are in total 29 representing the culture, art, cities … If you want to know them all, read my topic The catalunya square and its splendid statues of Barcelona. One tip to save money from the airport if you are 3 maximum, instead to take the taxi to your hotel, take the bus to the square, once get off, just in front of you, there is a row of taxis, you will save about 5 euros minimum.

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If you like history, you will have to visit the former roman city and without knowing, you will discover the former medieval city too. Indeed, the roman one is located in the center of the medieval one. If you are curious, don’t miss my 2 topics Roman Theme Barcelona and Medieval Theme Barcelona and don’t doubt to check the other themes.

If you like shopping, there are 4 principals to not miss, the rambla de catalunya and the passeig de gracia streets in the Eixample district, the angel avenue and the pelai street in the Ciutat Vella district. If you are looking for famous brands like Chanel, Gucci, Loewe, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani… you will have to walk the passeig de gracia street because they are only there. For the other ones like Zara, Mango, Lacoste… you can find them also on the other streets although the big shop of Zara is on the passeig de gracia street and H&M, on the angel avenue. You can also read my topic Where to shop at Barcelona ?

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The best modernism architectures are situated on the rambla de catalunya and passeig de gracia streets. For example, the famous ones like the Pedrera and the Batllo house, both built by Gaudi, are on the passeig de gracia street. Walking both streets, you will be stunned by what you will see.

And to end my topic, I will finish with the most famous street of Barcelona, la rambla, also called las ramblas. Going from the catalunya square to the old harbor, it is the most entertaining street and in the middle, there is a pedestrian avenue where you will find human statues, street performers, painters ready to draw a caricature, souvenir, animal and flower stands… and on the right and left sidewalks, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

The Columbus statue is situated next to the harbor but take note that during summer time, majority of bars and restaurants get used to increase their price and the area, in fact in the Ciutat Vella district, there are many pickpockets so be careful. For more information about the street, read my topic La rambla and for some advices, read Avoid pickpocket at Barcelona.

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