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Barcelona, a great farmer city of animal statues

The city has many statues in its streets and the funniest ones are the animals, no doubt that artists have many imaginations and when I cross one, I stay stunned for the beauty of his work or for the manner to how to interpret his idea.

In the airport, precisely at the terminal 2, there is a horse, a work by Fernando Botero. This artist is international known for his disproportional art and this one didn’t escape to the rules. An animal with big legs and small body and head, something you can’t miss; moreover it is the only big statue inside the building.

Do you know the thinker, the statue of Auguste Rodin ??? If yes, I’m sure that you don’t know his counterpart,

the thinking bull !!! It is a work by Manolo Valdes which can be seen just at the crossing between rambla de catalunya and gran via corts catalanes. The bull has the same posture than the man of Rodin.

In the opposite side, meaning at the crossing between rambla de catalunya and diagonal, there is another work of the same artist called the nap of the giraffe representing a funny animal in laying position meanwhile resting.

In the ciutadella park, you will find a mammoth which the trunk can be used as a seat meanwhile your friend is taking a picture of you.

Don’t think it is the only one, you will find some deers jumping, a work by Nuria Tortras dedicated to Walt Disney near to the zoo entrance and a dog, totally starving, a work by Aldomà Puig promoted by the Protective League of Animals and Plants.

In the trinitat park, people can see a beautiful sculpture by Josep Ros of horses running away.

On the rambla de raval street, there is a big disproportional cat, I think that I don’t need to tell you who is the artist. It is the favorite animal of all kids in the Raval district, they can climb on its back, stay below its belly, hang on its tail… no wonder why they like it so much.

I will end by the jaume vicens i vives gardens located at avinguda diagonal 637, near the maria cristina metro station. There are so much that I can name the place, the zoo of animal statues because you will discover about 31 animal representations inside a small area. All are a work by Frederic Marès which the theme is the hunting so you will see bears, wild boars, roe deer...

I am sure that you will see some more meanwhile you will visit Barcelona, after all, even if I know very well the city, there are still some streets I don’t know and like you know, a city is a moving urbanization and arts can appear and disappear here and there with the time.