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Barcelona Urban Sketchers Symposium, the event of urban sketching

If you know what it is the Urban Sketchers Symposium, so you don’t need to know that it is an event dedicated to a discipline that involves making sketches of the city out on the streets and it will take place only on july 2013.

So you may wonder why I am talking about it right now ??? It is because starting this month, Barcelona organizes some workshops on capturing images of the city so everyone can learn and get start in this discipline.

The goal of sketching is to capture snapshots of the city using a pencil and a paper and for people who want to learn it, they can go to the different civic centres that will

give classes every month until the celebration of the event. The First Urban Sketchers Symposium was held in Portland in 2010 and after that and before Barcelona, it was the turn of Lisbon and Santo Domingo.

barcelona sketching

Like you can guess, the courses of december already started and for january, it will start on the day 5 and it will be focused on urban transport and people on the move. For instance, at the Sant Agustí convent, the theme will be the procession of the kings. The drassanes civic centre on sea ferry stations.

The lessons will last 1 day, offering an introduction to the theory and then practice out in the street, under the guidance of an expert in this urban art. If you are interested about the themes dedicated at this month, it is christmas of course.

Those classes are very great for people who are not experts because they will learn and be ready to compete with professionals for the 4th Urban Sketchers Symposium, an annual event focused on the art of urban sketching.

For the next coming months, let me tell you the themes of those workshops for beginners so for february, it will be museums; march, harbor; april, saint george and libraries; may: municipal markets; june: beaches and july, summer in the parks.

barcelona sketching

With all that, people will be ready for july 11, 12 and 13; 3 days sketching Barcelona with all your talents and your enthusiastic. If you want to know more about the event, go to its official website and if you prefer to take lessons, check the different civic centers here (no english).

December 23, 2012