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Bingo of Barcelona

One of the popular places that attracts young and old people it is the bingo, yes the game bingo, the one with a card printed with numbers.

To resume quickly, numbers are drawn randomly by a caller and those numbers have to match with the ones on your card, if you have them all, you have to scream bingoooo !!!

Telling you on that way, it looks like not a game for young people but you are wrong, try to go a weekend night, and you will be surprised. Of course, since it is a place to win money, only if you have 18 years old, you can get in.

Although everyone goes there, it is for fun, there is a

distinction, young go for fun, more by curiosity than for something else, old go for entertainment and oldest go to pass the time but at the end, all it is for money.

If you have the bingo, you win money, few or a lot, it will pay you some drinks. A part that, all have also a slot machines section so if you are not lucky for the bingo, you can try your chance in another way.

bingo barcelona bingo barcelona

There are a lot of bingos in the city and a good alternative of the casino because there is only one in Barcelona. It is a good way if you want to mix with local people and to know them a little more.

Other things, some have also a billiard room, to find a place to play pool is not easy since there are very few so it is also a good option in case if you get bored in the city.

If you are looking for only pool room, read my topic Activities in and out of Barcelona, about casino, read Casino of Barcelona and for bingo places, following some suggestions:

  • Bingo Billares, gran via corts catalanes 724
  • Bingo Condal, avinguda parallel 91
  • Bingo Don Pelayo, calle comte urgell 154
  • Bingo Poblenou, rambla poblenou 29
  • Bingo Gracia, calle corsega 335