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Celebrate a hen/stag party in Barcelona

So your friend is going to marry and you want to do a bachelor/ette party in Barcelona, a good choice because the city offers a lot of fun, still you have to know where to go and what to do.

Throwing a party for the “last night of freedom” of your friend before her/his wedding it is something not easy to do, specially in a city that you don’t know. Fortunately, Barcelona offers from the simplest games to the wildest ones so all depends of your degree of perversion. After all, the party should be the best hangover of your life, no !!!

During the day, just take it easy because the night will be

long, go to the beach or to the park to relax for instance but if you can´t stand still, why not do a bungee jump, parachuting or paragliding !!! Too much adrenaline !!! May be something softer like a hiking in the mountain, a balloon tour, a karting or a paintball.

Those activities are done outside of the city but don’t worry, for your hen party, you don’t need to rent a car, by taking the train, between 30 minutes and 1h, you will start to enjoy your bachelor party. To know where to go, read my topic Activities in and out of Barcelona.

The sun is going down at the horizon and before everything, you will have to dine somewhere. There are many places where you can go, from the traditional decoration to the most modern one. Some recommendations:

  • Can Cortada, avinguda de l'estatut de catalunya 55 (+34934272315). A great view on the city with a beautiful garden but you will have to take the metro or a taxi. Moreover, after eating, there is nothing around so you will have to go back to the downtown.
  • Asador de Aranda, avinguda del tibidabo 31 (+34934170115). A great place with a nice view on the city and near to it, few clubs and bars but you will celebrate the party all night in the hill. Like the one above, you will have to take the metro or a taxi.
  • Sal Café, passeig marítim de la barceloneta (+34932240707). You will dine near to the sand so like you can guess, a view directly on the beach.
  • Dans Le Noir, passeig de picasso 10 (+34932687017). You will eat totally in the dark so your eyes won’t be very useful in this place. Moreover, it is located near to the born area where you won’t get bored all night.

For more suggestions, read my topic Bar, restaurant, club... at Barcelona.

After that, do a limousine tour. The price will depend if you will rent a normal one or a hammer limousine for instance. Generally, the champagne and drinks are included in the price and the tour lasts more or less 1h.

The driver will drop you to the best area to continue the party but before to go to a club, go to a bar for a few more cocktails. Some areas like the born, the barceloneta beach, the muntaner and the gracia one are full of them.

From 3hAM, all bars will close so normally people in the born area will move to the barceloneta beach area where there are plenty of clubs to end your night at 6hAM. Same thing for the gracia area, although there are some places to dance, people will go to the muntaner area because there are more choices. For more ideas, read my topic Nightlife Theme Barcelona.

If you are thinking about an erotic show for your stag party, you can buy a kind of pack to celebrate your bachelorette party or go to places where they do striptease. Following some recommendations:

  • DS Barcelona/SGB, gran via corts catalanes 596 (+34933022432)
  • Atopetioa, gran via corts catalanes 384-390 (+34932427783)
  • Sodoma y Gomorra, avinguda parallel 91 (+34934416969)

Normally the pack includes limousine, striptease, dinner and some more surprises. The good point is that they will organize everything for you so you will have nothing to do. If you do a search, you will find more options and if you are wondering how to say it in spanish, just put “despedida de soltero” (boy) or “despedida de soltera” (girl). You can also read my topic Erotic places at Barcelona.