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Fútbol Club Barcelona

If you like the sport, particularly the football, you should know the reputation of FC Barcelona, also known as Barça, the soccer team of the city. For a lot of people, it is one of the best teams of the world which won prestigious titles like the champions league, the spanish league, the king's cup, the european cup…

Since its creation in 1899, it has attracted international and national players like Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Xavi Hernández, David Villa… but what makes the strength of the team ??? It is not only the players, it is also the coaches who brought their technical know-how mixing with the talent of the players.

If you are a “culés” (name given for a Barça fan), you have to go to Camp Nou (c/ arístides maillol, 12-18 – metro L5 collblanc), the mythic stadium of Catalonia when you are in Barcelona and where you will have more chances to stumble on one of the players and ask him an autograph and why not, a photo with him but don’t forget your camera.

Built in 1957, the stadium has been classified as a 5 star facility by UEFA where matches are scheduled but also where players go to train and if there are not matches and no trainings, why not visit the museum section. Since it is opening in 1984, a lot of people have already visited it and if it will be your first time, you will discover the history of Fútbol Club Barcelona, pictures, trophies, exhibitions… and by buying a combined ticket, you will get a tour which includes the main grandstand, dressing rooms...

Like I said above, the team is composed of international players that the club has to spend a lot of money to bring them in the team but what about national players ??? Like international ones, the club can negotiate the price to transfer the desired player but it exists a solution more easy called “Masia”.

La Masia is a school, built in 1702, which forges future champions and it is situated near the stadium. It is where parents can bring their children and where they will receive an education with a main and unique goal, to play for Barça. On the other hand, if the club finds out a talented kid who is not spanish, they will not hesitate to contact the parent and make any necessary things to bring him to the school.

In the Camp Nou, you will also find the headquarter of the FC Barcelona and its offices and next to it:

  • the “Mini Estadi” (Mini Stadium), built in 1982, where people can see matches of junior teams of Barcelona
  • and the “Palau Blaugrana” (Blaugrana palace), built in 1971, which is dedicated for the training and matches of basketball teams for instance.

Because Futbol Club Barcelona is not only about football but also basketball, handball, roller hockey… which also won a lot of titles so when you are in Barcelona, take a time to go to Camp Nou, the best, experiment and live a fantastic match at the stadium !!!

For the prices and any complementary information, I will recommend you to check its official website. To buy a ticket, either for a match and/or for a visit, you can do it directly at the stadium or via the automatic service called “servicaixa”. For that, just spot on the streets of Barcelona the bank “La Caixa” (blue and black color) then you should see an ATM and a servicaixa machine.

But what happens if all tickets are sold out for the big event you are looking for ??? Well, you have 2 choices, one more expensive than the other.

The expensive one is to go to the stadium and normally, you will be able to find someone who will sell you a ticket but the price will double, triple or even more. In spite that this practice is forbidden, it doesn’t prevent some people to buy many tickets in order to sell them and to get profits.

The cheaper one is to go to a bar in Barcelona and watch it with other people in a great ambiance so don’t hesitate to get in. Following some places I like to go if I don’t want to be at home:

  • Sports Bar Rambles (la rambla 31) with its many big screens, any details can’t miss your eyes
  • George Payne (plaza urquinaona 5) with its huge projector screen, you will feel as if you are in the circuit.