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Festival of Esquerra Eixample with theater flavor

This traditional festival, calling originally festa major of Esquerra Eixample, is celebrated in the most modernist district of Barcelona, full of things to discover, you will have no time to get bored.

Eixample was the new district that, after the destruction of the city wall, every rich people wanted a house in this area so they contracted the most famous architects in order to have the best residence of the neighborhood and most of the constructions are a modernist style.

In 1 week, you will feel the heat of the parade of the demons calling correfoc, learn to dance the sardana with local people and why not participate in the popular

dinner too !!! It is only 3 examples of things you can do and of course, there are much more surprises waiting you.

Most of activities will be done around the roma avenue and also in some parks like the Joan Miro park but the best is that some events will take place in the gardens of the neighborhood, those little nice gardens that only local people know.

For children, they can visit free the firehouse, participate to the football game, see the parade of the giants… although this festival is focused more for adults, there are a lot of activities for your kids.

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For adults, if you like taking pictures, why not participate to the photograph competition, go to the theater to see some shows, well of course, most of the shows will be either in catalan or in spanish so don’t forget your dictionary :-)

On the other hand, you can go to the different concerts, after all, even if most of the songs are not in english, if you like music, you will like what the local bands will play.

Since the fiesta mayor won’t be done during a holiday week, the party will start around 19h during the week and around 10h during the weekend but there are some exceptions

Indeed, some days of the week, there are things done in the morning too.

The best if you are in Barcelona during the 1st friday of the month of october until the next sunday, and you don’t want to miss it, it is to go to its official website and download the full programs.