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Festival of Raval, the medieval in present time

The festa major of Raval is one of the summer neighborhood parties that all people living in Barcelona are waiting for.

One of the best things about this traditional festival is that it is done in the old district of Barcelona dating from the Middle Ages period. A lot of activities are related to the history but there are a lot of funny things to do and to see too.

Celebrated in july, children are not forgotten but let’s start by the beginning because no one, no matter how old you are, can’t miss the famous traditional dance and parade of the giants which open the festival at 20h leading you to the first concert.

Raval was known before as the convent neighborhood because many were built here although during its industrialization, majority of them has been destroyed in order to construct textile factories. It was also in this period that cabarets and bar-concerts places appeared.

During 4 days, different activities are organized for all ages like the popular and the animation parties dedicated for kids. For the older but not so much, there are a lot of free concerts with local bands and also movie sessions in the outdoor. For the oldest who want to entertain, there are exhibitions about the neighborhood and dancing sessions with orchestra.

Those are only examples and there are much more things to do but you don’t have to miss the impressive human castle called castellers celebrated usually the last day. Now let me introduce you the history part, less entertaining but it will light your curiosity.

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So two of the things that you can’t miss are the visit of the Guell palace built by Gaudi and the maritime museum where was built all ships for the king during the medieval period. Once done, my other recommendations are the Liceu Theatre, the CCCB, the MACBA, the Sant Pau del Camp monastery and the Art Center Santa Monica.

All visits are free only if you reserve your place at the Tot Raval Foundation by calling at the number (+34)934 426 868 or by email. If you decide to send a mail, you have to put your full name, a phone number, the name and the hour of the activity. Once done, they will confirm you by email.

Important, the reservation has to be done before the day that this local festival starts and I will recommend you to write it in in spanish or in catalan because most of the employees don’t know english. If you don’t know to write in the local language, I’m quite sure that one of the employees of your hotel can do it for you if you ask kindly :-)

If you want to download the full program, go to its official website so you will know exactly when it will start but normally it is the 2nd thursday until the sunday of july.

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