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Festival of Sagrada Familia, a gaudian joy

It is not the festival of the basilica of Gaudi but the neighborhood that owns the same name but like the work of the modernist architect, you will be amazed by this traditional festival calling festa major of Sagrada Familia.

In the past, this neighborhood was known as El Poblet, an area with many fields and few houses and where the basilica is built changing its name to Sagrada Familia.

One of the best things of this local fiesta is that some events will be done near the basilica, precisely, in front of the nativity front like the famous castellers (human castle) and also in the one of the most beautiful constructions of the city, the modernist hospital calling

Sant Pau like classic concerts. Both buildings, the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi and the Hospital Sant Pau of Domenech, are situated at each end of the gaudi avenue, so as you can guest, most of activities will be performed on this avenue during 1 week.

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Exhibitions, competitions, concerts… and more things will be celebrated, particularly you don’t have to miss the traditional events like the sardana dance, the correfoc (parade of the demons) and the giants during the weekend.

During the week, the party will start around 18h because most of people have to work and during the weekend, it will be around 9h.

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Other things that it is very nice to do, it is to participate to the popular vermouth and/or dinner, it is really a good way to mix with local people and to know them, even if you don’t speak spanish, don’t worry, you will always find a way to make you understand, after all, the most important is to have fun !!!

So if you are here between the last friday of april until the next sunday, don’t miss it, above all, if you plan to visit the basilica because it will be a shame to not enjoy a great day of festivity. To know the full program, visit its official website (no english).