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Festival of Sants, the fantasy decoration for kids

The festa major of Sants is another traditional festival to not miss during summer, a fantasy decoration, full of colors, fills its different streets. During 1 week, you will live for its particular festal ambiance.

Sants, as the others, was a village and it has been integrated into Barcelona after the destruction of the city wall. It has known a great period during the fabric industrialization and it is festival it is to pay tribute to the apostle Saint Bartholomew who is also the patron saint of the neighborhood.

It is quite similar to the festival of Gracia that is why it is celebrated just after it in august and the difference

between both, I will say that the Sants one is more focused for younger people and family but it doesn’t mean that no matter who can’t have fun. By going near to the sants square, you will be able to walk in the different areas where the activities are scheduled during 1 week and if you will be at this square for the opening day around 18h30, you will see the famous parade of the giants that will lead you to the espanya industrial park.

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Talking about this park, it is here that majority of concerts will be done and there are for every taste (gospel, jazz, pop…). It is also here that the main events for the closing day will be done like the castellers (human tower) at 12h then during night time, at 20h a concert which will be followed by a firework show at 21h.

Of course, between the opening and the closing, there are a lot of things you can do. Walk on the streets to discover the decoration, participate to the domino competition if you dare to challenge local people, take a popular breakfast, play bingo and much more things.

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As said above, this fiesta is more for kids so don’t doubt to bring them to the water games, the chocolate workshop, the educational game plays with police, the painting session, karaoke… and meanwhile your children are in good hand, you can learn the traditional catalan dance called sardana for instance.

You won’t absolutely get bored because after the festival of Gracia, more focused for adults, you will celebrate right away the fiesta mayor of Sants so try to be in Barcelona between the 3rd saturday to the last sunday. To know everything, check its official website (only catalan).