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Four Must-See’s in Barcelona guest post written by Joe

Barcelona is almost the honorary capital of Spain, located on the North-Eastern coast in the Catalan region, the city boasts a modern, cosmopolitan vibe and is a magnet for youngsters with its focus on music and sport. Of course what Barcelona’s global fame starts with its widely regarded status as host to the best club side in the world and one of the most impressive stadia, the Camp Nou. The city is also well suited to those who prefer a slower pace of life with its cobbled streets lined with quaint cafes and tranquil waterfront.

There’s no doubt the Barcelona should be on anyone’s list of places to visit in Europe, but to make your stay that little bit more succinct, I’ve put here a guide to sites you can’t afford not to see.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas, or "La Rambla" to give it its proper name is a long pedestrainised street running the length of the city. Aside from having no pesky cars to get in the way, Rambla is special, far from you average shopping street the wide walkway is alive with carnival atmosphere as jugglers, unicyclists and human status line the pavilion, entertaining anyone who’ll watch. Since Rambla has become such a tourist trap, it is also a happy hunting ground for pick pockets so keep your wits about you and make sure your valuables are secure.

Sagrada Famillia

Arguably one of the most iconic and spellbinding religious monuments in the world, the Sagrada Familla started life in 1882 by Gaudi and remains unfinished to this day, don’t mention this and siestas in the same breath to Spaniards however! The Roman Catholic church features multiple towering columns arranged around a central tower reaching 170 meters into the sky. The sheer scale of the gorgeous baroque architecture is mesmerising, the project is set to see completion in 2026, one whole century after Gaudi’s death.

Camp Nou

The Camp Nou’s name (translated as "new field") belies its hertigae, built in 1957 the stadium is far from new, but it is certainly a spectacle. With a capacity just short of 100,000 the Camp Nou is 25% bigger than Old Trafford, the largest stadium in Europe, and the eleventh largest in the world. The vastness of the ground has to be seen to be believed, the mult-teired stands loom over the pitch, evoking the spirit of a gladitorial colloseum and creating an oddly intimate feel, despite the size. Stadium tours are available and include a walk round the museum located inside the ground.

La Boqueria

Spanish food isn’t necessarily one of the most globally celebrated cuisines, but perhaps that’s because it’s such a well kept secret. Big on flavour and variety, Spanish Tapas are served at many of the eateries in Barcelona. If you want to make your own however, La Boqueria is for you, a huge indoor market selling everything food you could ever dream of from fresh meat and fish, to Spanish cheeses and fruit and vegetables. There is a jovial atmosphere here and bartering is required to get the best deal; get working on that Spanish!

Joe is a travel blogger, Spain is one of his favourite countries and he’ll definitely be going to Barcelona again, for now he’s looking forward to his Mexico holidays.