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From the old to the new harbor of Barcelona, a walk through the time

Standing in front of the Columbus statue and looking towards the direction of his finger, it seems that he is pointing to the port of Barcelona, asking to the people to take a ship and to make the same trip he did to discover the new world.

The view, that offers in front of me, is the old harbor. During the medieval period, every battle ship of the king goes out directly to the sea from their factory. No wonder because the royal shipyard building is next to the statue and the water was closer to the city than now.

A lot of people are walking on the bridge that will bring them to the mall center but few of them know that this

bridge is called “rambla del mar”, a section of the famous rambla street. Most of the time, it is curious and intriguing to discover a boat dating from the old time docked here. A strange and nice sensation to feel that we can go back in time just for few hours.

barcelona barcelona

The Barceloneta district was a living area for people who dedicated their life for the sea. Actually, everyone want a flat here, just at few steps from the beach. During a sunny day, it is very pleasant to walk here, there are a lot of stands with many local products from jewelry to food, a lot of places to eat and beautiful cruises.

The next section is the beach of Barcelona. It is hard to imagine that before 1992 the half area has been used by poor people to build huts to live. Along the beach, there were a lot of factories attracting people from all Spain looking for a job with a low salary so the ones that couldn’t afford to rent a flat, they built one on the sand.

barcelona barcelona

For the olympic games, the area has been totally renovated, making it more attractive for the leisure and the entertainment and that’s how the new harbor has been created. The olympic port was used for some competition but its main goal was to make an area where athletes will rest and have fun during night time.

So no need to tell you that there are a lot of restaurants, bars and night clubs but the most important is not that, it is the statue of a young man located on the dock at the other side of the beach, a testimony of this international event dating from the Ancient Greece.