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The glories square, the central park of Barcelona

The glories square is a huge place where different roads and streets are concentrated and not very nice to see, all grey but soon, it will be totally remodeled and it will be totally green like the central park of New York in small version.

Surrounded and situated close to the agbar tower, the encants vells market (a flea market), the national theater of Catalunya, the auditorium, the monumental (the old bullfighting place) and the mall Les Glories, it is considered as a big traffic circle where cars can come in and out of the city.

In a near future, it will be a huge space that will make

disappear this road network turning it into a city place and the new lung of Barcelona, in fact, a green flat square of 140.000 square meters will be born with 3 big multifunctional buildings. The new design will respect the urban model designed by the architect of the Eixample district, Ildefons Cerdà, consisting of a green space surrounded by buildings.

barcelona barcelona

Actually, the big street called gran via de los corts catalanes is running above the square via bridges but for this new project, it will go underground between the badajoz and castillejos streets, a tunnel of about 400 meters. The other streets that circle it like the meridiana and diagonal ones will border it.

To make it possible, the original entrance location of Barcelona (the traffic circle) will be moved thus allowing cars to move smoothly and by this way, decreasing the high traffic volume too.

The project includes also 3 big multifunctional buildings. The first one will be behind the agbar tower and it will be the new primary care center building in the Poblenou neighborhood with a leisure space for old people and a kindergarten.

The 2nd one will be near to the cultural center of farinera in the Clot neighborhood with a new day center, an old people’s home, a neighborhood center, a polyvalent room and an auditorium.

barcelona barcelona

The 3rd one will be near to the encants with a new pre-school and primary education school, a kindergarten, a day center and an old people’s home, an intergenerational center and a new primary care center building for the Fort Pienc and Sagrada Familia neighborhoods.

The first stones have been already put but no one will see the final result before the end of 2016 (normally) but some relevant changes can be spot from 2014.

January 24, 2012