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How to get free discounts for Barcelona ?

Barcelona is a great city but also the most expensive one in Spain and one of the top list in the world but in spite of this, there are some easy and free way to get great discounts for museums, a cocktail, a ticket for a show…

If you come only in the city for the beach and nothing more, well I will say that you don’t need those discounts because taking a sunbath and swimming in the sea are totally free !!! The same thing for hiking in the mountain but on the other hand, if you plan to visit museums, you may want one, even if it is a little one, it is still a discount.

The easiest way is to take flyers that some people are giving you when you walk on the streets but be careful

because not all of them are honest and the only thing they want is to steal you, particularly the ones who want to strike up a conversation by walking beside you. Normally the good ones will just stretch his arm and up to you to take it or not.

The most secure way is to go to the tourism office, there is one on the catalunya square, just next to the airport bus station. Also, you can find some tourism stands for example on the famous street of the city, la rambla. In my opinion, once you will be in the city, the best option is the tourism one. You will find a lot of flyers and small booklets where most of them include discounts for tours, restaurants, activities… For example, if you take the tourist bus map, you will discover a map of the city and on the reverse side, discounts for Sagrada Familia, Catalan Music Palace, flamenco show, museums and much more so the best is to take 2 copies because once you will cup them, there will have a lot of holes on the map side !!!

And before to forget, I just wanted to add one last thing, all museums are free the first sunday of the month so if you are in the city in the first week, just pick the one (list of museums) that interests you and go there directly, you don’t need any vouchers to get in free.