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La Roca Village, the outlet village of Barcelona

La Roca Village is the biggest outlet mall of Barcelona, located in its outskirt at about 40 minutes by the special bus from the downtown. A lot of people go there including local people because you can find very great discounts for many brands like Gucci, Nike, Mango, Desigual, etc.

Of course, don’t think that there are only cloth shops, you will find also accessories, jewelries, home products, and many other shops. The only point is that if you are looking for Zara, H&M, Bershka… don’t waste your time, you won’t find any of them so before to go, look at the list on its official website.

To go there, except taking a taxi, a private driver or renting a car, you have other ways less expensive, by the special bus or by the local transport. The easier and the quicker way is the special bus, now there are 2 buses:

  • The expensive special one is located at “passeig de gracia 6” and it includes a discount card of 10% that you can use to all shops. The bus will bring you directly at few steps from the main entrance, there is one every hour from 9h to 19h.
  • The cheap special one is located at “carrer casp 34”, the discount card is not included. It will bring you out of the mall but at 2 minutes to the main entrance (go left when off the bus) or to the east one, there is one every hour from 9h to 20h.
roca village outlet of barcelona

The difference is just about 5 euros. I give you one tip to save a little more money, if you are going to take the airport bus from the airport to Barcelona, inside the bus, there is a small voucher book where there is a discount of 2 euros to take the cheap special bus.

The last bus to go back to Barcelona is at 21h for both and they are very easy to spot because you will see “roca village”. About the discount card, if you choose the cheap special bus, go to the information office, just next to the main entrance but first, you will have to register to its official website, if not, you won’t get the card.

For adventurers and the ones looking for the cheapest way, it is to take the train then the local bus. For that, go to the station “sants estacion”, buy a ticket direction to “granollers centre”. Once there, take the local bus L5 direction roca village. The bus will bring you to the same stop as the cheap special bus.

If you are looking for the Mango shop, it is not located into the village but outside, near to the east entrance, to reach it, when you get off the cheap special bus or the local one, go right and at few minutes, you will see it. If you take the expensive special bus, enter the village by the main entrance then go right.

roca village outlet of barcelona

Near to Mango, there is also a big Nike store and other big stores. If you keep walking, you will find a McDonald at few meters from them. Those 3 places don’t appear on the map of the Roca Village so don’t look for them but they are very easy to find.

How much you will spend, the answer will be up to you, the only thing I can be sure it is that you will spend at least 1h30 to visit it.

The outlet of Barcelona opens everyday from Monday to Sunday from 10h to 22h during the high season (12/06 until 12/09) and until 21h during the rest of the year (13/09 until 11/06). There are only 6 days of the year that it closes, the 11/09, 25 and 26/12, 01 and 06/01 and 01/05. For more information, visit its official website.