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Local festivals of Barcelona

Festivals are part of the spanish culture and there are a lot that are celebrated during the year, not only for the happiness of the citizens but also for foreigners and tourists, a good way to show its cultures and traditions.

The local festival is not dedicated to a neighborhood like the traditional one called festa major although they are celebrated in a particular area and this area is situated in a district. To explain it better, let’s say that the festa major represents the spirit of a neighborhood and the local festival, Barcelona.

There is something for every taste for children, adults, family, young and old people, no matter what you like

and your age, there is at least one that will attract your curiosity and/or fit your personality. Now the one, that interests you, will be celebrated at the same moment that you will be in the city, it is another matter. If really you want to see it, you will have to plan very well your vacation or to be lucky !!!

Anyway, the most important is to have fun and to make the delight of your stay, a kind of great souvenir excluding post cards. Below a list of some festivals, just click on it to have more information:

On the other hand, if you want to know all local and traditional festivals by month, read my topic Festivals of Barcelona