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February in Barcelona

The month is known for the carnival, not so famous than the ones in Brazil and in the Canary Islands, but it has its own enchantment. If you are planning to come this month, there are a lot of other local festivals to live.

Let’s start by the celebration of the chinese new year, since the chinese calendar is based on the moon, I can’t tell you when it will be done. Normally between the last week of january and the first week of february, usually it is in this month.

The fairground is situated at the moll de la fusta, the old harbor of Barcelona, near to the Columbus status. You will be able to taste chinese foods, watch some shows, discover its culture and for people who like parade, just

try to be at noon at the pla de l’os square on the rambla street the saturday, near to the Boqueria market. For more information, read Happy Chinese New Year Barcelona.

The visual sound festival is celebrated during 10 days starting from the first tuesday of the month. This festival is for local artists who are willing to present their artistic creation in audio visual, animation, web, music… and of course for everyone who are interested to discover those things. To know where and the full programs, here its official website.

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The baroque festival happens the day 3 and 4 at the Barceloneta neighborhood. Why those 2 specific days ??? Well because it was born on february 2, 1753 thanks to the marquis of Mina who wanted to build a new neighborhood outside of the sea door.

During 2 days, you will be able to learn more about this area and discover how was designed the houses during this period for instance. To know more about it, visit the official website of the Ciutat Vella district.

The BCNegra, the festival of the detective novel, for everyone who likes literature, especially about crimes, investigation, thriller… It is celebrated during the first 2 weeks of the month and to know everything, check out its official website.

barcelona barcelona

If you have children and you are coming with them, you don’t have to miss the laia festival. It is a local festival only celebrated in the Gòtic neighborhood the 2nd weekend of the month. A lot of things are organized for them and for parents, don’t miss the traditional activities like the giant parade, the correfoc (demon parade), the sardana (catalan dance) and so many more. Read Festival of La Laia, the saint eulalia for children to know more.

Another one for your kids or you (may be you are still a kid :-), the national playmobil collector festival also happens the 2nd weekend at the Cotxeres de Sants community center (calle de sants 79). To know more, go to its official website.

DocsBarcelona, the international documentary film festival, happens the first week and it is divided in 2 sections, the festival and the pitching forum. The first one presents finished documentaries and the second one is a market for unfinished documentary works looking for financing and distribution. To know more, direction to its official website.

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And I will end by the carnival of Barcelona, I believe that everyone knows what it is about so let’s go to the essential, it lasts 1 week and it starts the 3rd thursday of the month. To know where the parade will take place and where it will go, I recommend you to read Carnival of Barcelona.