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July in Barcelona

The summer season just started and some hot activities begun since last month and for this one, new events will be added for our pleasure to enjoy the sun.

So let’s start by the grec festival that occurs during all the month, big free parties with music and outdoor theaters in different areas of the city but mainly at Montjuic. To know the full program and where to go, check its official website.

Talking about outdoor, it is a good thing because summer in Barcelona is very hot so for movie lovers, don’t miss the sala montjuic from the beginning of the month until the 2nd wednesday of august. You will enjoy the cinema meanwhile doing a picnic and to know which

movie to watch, check out its official website. Talking about picnic, there is the piknic electronic Barcelona. It occurs every sunday at Montjuic where you will enjoy music and outdoor eating. To know which bands and DJs will play, go to its official website.

Yes, you read well, all those 3 occur at Montjuic but the mountain will celebrate its night the 2nd saturday. This event is called Montjuic by night from 20h until 4h and during 8h, all are free (museums, poble espanyol, concerts…). To know everything, check its official website (only catalan).

july barcelona july barcelona

Looking for local festivals, there are 7 that will be celebrated in their own neighborhood. For more information, just cick on its name to be redirected to its official website (only catalan).

  • festival of Carmel is celebrated during 1 week from the first friday to the next sunday in a traditional party of a village
  • festival of Peu del Funicular has a hiking activity at the Collserola mountain so if you want to walk with local people be at the frederic soler square the 2nd weekend
  • festival of Palmera is celebrated on the palmera de sant marti square the 2nd sunday during 3 days as a village party
  • festival of Raval is dedicated to the medieval from the 2nd thursday until the sunday
  • festival of Font del Gos has a particular event called water war so if you want to get wet by fighting local people, be at the muntanyola street (near to the laberint park) the 3rd weekend
  • festival of Poble Sec is dedicated to the cabaret celebrated between the 15 and 22
  • festival of Eduard Aunós is celebrated on the falset square the 4th weekend and it is the typical party of a village

Barcelona harley days is a festival dedicated for everyone who likes bikes, especially the harley davidson and it lasts 3 days starting on the first friday. If you don’t want to miss it, you have to go to the espanya square and I recommend to read my topic Festival of Harley Davidson at Barcelona.

july barcelona july barcelona

You have kids and they like theater so go with them to the mini bcn festival but you have to understand catalan and spanish. It lasts 1 week starting from the last friday of june until the next sunday. To know which theater to go, check its official website (only catalan).

If you are looking for international and national music, go to the forum square where it is celebrated the cruïlla bcn festival during 2 days, the first friday and saturday. To know who will come, check its official website. Another music event, the blues festival that lasts 1 week from the 2nd friday until next saturday. For this one, you will have to go to the central park (passeig de fabra i puig 423-425) and again, to know the artists, here its official website.

The afrocanya festival is dedicated to the afro-caribbean culture so if you want to discover it, be there the last weekend and go to the old harbor (moll de la fusta), near to the Columbus status. If you want to know the price ticket and what you will discover, check its official website (no english).

And I will end by an edutainment called summer in museums, it lasts during the whole season and museums propose different activities, events... To know more, go to its official website (no english).