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June in Barcelona

Summer starts this month and a lot of events are scheduled during this hot season with many concerts, local festivals, activities… for everyone of all ages and tastes.

The first weekend, local artists in the Gracia neighborhood do an open door of their workshops so everyone can see how they work and why not, get some lessons.

They will open from 11h until 21h but they close between 14h and 17h. Check the official website (only catalan) for the full planning.

The traditional festival called festa major de dreta eixample is also celebrated during this weekend.

If you want to discover the modernism, don’t miss it and if you want to know more, read my topic Festival of Dreta Eixample, back to the modernism time.

You like shows and theaters, go to the FEM (Fundación El Molino) festival the 2nd saturday from 11h until 2h in the morning. It takes place on the parallel avenue between the magarit and arc del teatre streets, there you will find dances, exhibitions, activities for children… and in some theaters as El Molino, you can see a free show. For more information, here it is official website (no english).

The art festival, also known as the white night of the art, is also done the 2nd saturday. Art galleries will stay open from 17h until midnight so for all lovers, don’t miss it and to know where to go, check its official website (no english).

The international short film festival called Mecal Air is celebrated in Poble Espanyol during 1 week starting at the 2nd friday. To know the full program and which movie you want to watch, here it is official website.

june barcelona june barcelona

Other movie events, the jewish cine festival is celebrated in 2 different places, at the French Institute (calle moià 8 ) and at the sant felip neri square and it starts the first tuesday until friday. If you want to know more, direction to its official website. The international women film festival lasts one week and it starts the first thursday until the next sunday, mostly at the Filmoteca de Catalunya (calle salvador seguí 1), here it is official website.

Looking for a great view meanwhile enjoying a cocktail, don’t doubt to be in Barcelona during the view from hotel event which more than 50 hotels offer different live concerts on the terrace of their roof from the first tuesday until saturday, for more information, its official website (no english).

You are planning to visit Portugal but without leaving Barcelona, here the solution, the Portugal invite event which lasts 1 week from the first tuesday and normally, it also includes the day of Portugal which is celebrated the 10. To know the different places and activities, here it is official website.

For everyone who likes circus, live shows, dances… well a mix of everything, you can go to the stage art festival called Thalia and which is celebrated on the 2nd weekend. Most of activities will be done at the Sortidor Community Center (plaza sortidor 12) but to be sure and to know the full program, check its official website (no english).

You want to dance swing, gospel, pop-rock, funk, electronic, traditional… so don’t miss the Barcelona City Concert celebrated on the 2nd Saturday from 18h. During one evening, more than 50 live concerts are organized and to know where to go to listen your favorite music, check the official website (only catalan).

Electronic music is the only thing that makes move your life, so don’t miss the Sonar that is celebrated on the 3rd thursday during 3 days. To get your ticket and to know the full program, go to its official website.

You like to barter so try to be there for the Lost&Found fair celebrated on the 3rd sunday at the mar square, a kind of market to sell, buy and to exchange everything. Here it is official website.

The bicycle week is a good way to promote this kind of activity taking place at the triumph arch. If you rent a bike, don’t doubt biking with local people the 3rd sunday until the forum square where the bike show festival is celebrated. In fact, at the same day, it is also the roller skate and bike party so people, who like skating, are welcome but take note that the bicycle week has started 5 days ago. To know everything, check its official website.

The 3rd weekend is the science and technology festival celebrated at the ciutadella park so meanwhile you will take a break in this city park, take a look !!! To know what you will see, check its official website (no english).

If you want to live a local festival, don’t miss the Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera festival which lasts 1 week from the 4th saturday but before this day, there is one 1 extra week which some museums do free entrance like the catalan music palace (normally the 3rd sunday from 10h until 15h). To know everything, read my topic Festival of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i La Ribera, open doors of Barcelona.

june barcelona june barcelona

In fact, there are 22 more, it is the neighborhood party. Most of them last 1 or just few days and if you are thinking to go, take note that it is like a party of a village so I will just put the days and for more information, just cick on its name to be redirected to its official website (only catalan).

Pride Barcelona is the festival for gay and lesbian community which lasts 1 week half starting from the 3rd wednesday until the next sunday. It is also during this period that the MIMI LGTB short film festival is celebrated and if you don’t want to miss the famous parade, be there the last sunday at the universitat square at 18h. To know everything, go to its official website.

The Mila house, also known as Pedrera, is celebrating its summer night from the 3rd thursday until the 2nd sunday of september. This event consists to enjoy the roof of this Gaudi’s building with live jazz concerts at 21h30. To buy your ticket and to know the program, check its official website.

The 24 is the night of Saint John, bonfires and fireworks are the 2 words more spoken and most of people will go to the beach although other places celebrate this event too. You will have to be in the city the night of 23 until the sunrise of the 24. To know more, read my topic Sant Joan at Barcelona, night of Saint John's bonfires.

For the celebration of the international day of the music, the Poble Espanyol celebrates its summer concerts with many artists from the 3rd thursday until the end of july. To know the full program, check its official website.

And to end this month, if you like video games, don’t miss the gamelab which lasts 5 days, you will discover new games and you can try some of them starting at the 4th wednesday. For more information, check its official website.