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September in Barcelona

Less hot than august and if you believe that you missed the best local festivals, you are wrong because in the next coming day, Barcelona will be full of concerts, shows and traditional events for the celebration of its most important event.

But before that day, there are many other things to discover. First the demanoenmano, it is a social market taken place the first sunday where you can buy interesting things as used products, vintage... To know more, check its official website (no english).

11 is the national day of Catalonia, many people are on the street and everything is closed so it is the good opportunity to enjoy the week of catalan book event

merce merce

that will be celebrated the second friday during 1 week in front of the cathedral. For more information, here its official website (only catalan). The jazz hour event, also known as the jazz festival, takes place from the second sunday until the last wednesday. For each sunday, there are free concerts at the vila de gracia square and during night time, just check its official website (no english) to know where to go.

La Mercè is the important festival that I told you in the beginning but before to give you more details, let’s me introduce the different neighborhood parties. Each neighborhood will celebrate its own local festival called festa major (all official websites are in catalan):

The festival of La Merce always ends the 24 because it is the day of The Mercy and it always starts 1 week before. She is one of the patron saints of Barcelona and during the week, there are concerts, light shows... but the most important it is that you will see the giant parade, the human castle... To know everything, I recommend you to read my topic Festival of La Mercè, Patroness of Barcelona.

You like the hip hop culture so don’t miss the hipnotik festival that will be celebrated at CCCB (carrer montalegre 5) the 3rd saturday. To know which bands will be there, here its official website (no english).

You like planes and particularly aerobatics so don’t miss the sky party (festa al cel in catalán) the last sunday between 10h and 14h. You will have to go between the mar bella and nova mar bella beaches. For a map and more information, check its official website.

At the sant jordi palace (passeig olimpic 5-7), from the last thursday and during 4 days, there is the tapas fair. The entrance is free but you will have to pay 1.5 euros for each tapa you will eat and to know the time schedule, check its official website (no english). Take note that the international tapa day is celebrated on 29.

And for the last saturday, there is the sant miguel day event, free concerts are organized between 21h30 and 3hAM but to get in, you will have to get your entrance few hours before between 16h and 19h30 or the day before between 17h and 21h. To know more, check its official website (no english).