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Months in Barcelona

Months are as the seasons, as the time goes by, Barcelona changes its mood with its traditional festivals celebrated during the year. Sometimes, when we travel, we don’t think about it but local festivals are an important point of the culture of a country, above all if we want to feel as a local.

When I plan to travel, I always try to look on internet which kind of events that will be celebrated and if I am lucky, one or more are done during my vacation period. Of course it is not always the case.

But there is one thing I notice, it is not easy to find such information in one place so to make easier for people to

come to visit my city, following what you will find and discover in Barcelona for each month. Just one thing that you have to keep in mind, for each month, I talk about events that will be celebrated during this month. A lot of activities are done during the year and I may forget one or more but also new parties will appear meanwhile old ones will disappear or will be moved to another month in order to fit them better in the calendar so, in spite that I have put the days, check its official website that I provide in my topics to verify the exact celebration period.