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Santa Eulalia, the schooner of Barcelona

Catalan people call it the “pailebot Santa Eulàlia” (in spanish, pailebote Santa Eulàlia) and it is one of the most older sailing boats still in use for tourist purpose. Its origin use was the transportation of goods to different mediterranean harbors in the beginning of the 20th century and since 2000, people can see it moored on the fusta quay of Barcelona (moll de la fusta, also known as muelle bosch i alsina) if not sailing but before to give you some technical details, I will tell you the beginning of its story, full of twists like a sitcom series.

The sailboat has been built in 1918 at Torrevieja in Alicante for Pascual Flores who named it Carmen Flores, the same name as his daughter. Made of pine and olive wood, the boat was dedicated for the transport of

goods, mainly cereals, woods, minerals and salt. It started to sail in 1919 andbetween this year and 1927, it went in different mediterranean ports and 2 times to Cuba. It was during those 2 trips that it got the nickname “el chulo” (the cocky) because of its great speed and its high capacity.

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In 1928, the mizzen has been removed and replaced by a motor and in 1931, it was renamed as “puerto de palma”(palma harbour) and used it for the black market of flour between Barcelona and the Balearic Islands until it was seized for smuggling. The company Naviera Mallorquina acquired it in 1936 and named it “cala sant vicenç” (arum lily saint vincent) for the transport of different cargos.


In 1975, the boat changed again its name to “sayremar uno” (sayresea one) and used as auxiliary boat for submarine projects until 1997 when the maritime museum of Barcelona acquired it. During those past years, not only the boat has changed its name each time there was a new owner but also it underwent some changes so in 1998, the museum decided to restore it completely as it was in 1918. Like said before, since 2000, if not sailing on the sea, you can view it on the pier near the bridge located down la rambla street.

barcelona barcelona

If you want a tour on this mythical schooner, declared as cultural property of national interest on june 29, 2011, you have to call to reserve your place at (+34)933429924. The tour is opened normally in 2 periods:

  • from april to october, every saturday from 10h to 13h
  • from november to march, every monday from 10h to 13h


Maximum length

34.6 m (47 m including bowsprit and boom)


Volvo Penta 367 CV (291.9 kW)


3.79 m

Maximum draft

4.05 m

Gross/net tonnage

156/116 tons

Maximum load

190 tons

Displacement in service

215 tons

Maximum breadth

8.5 m

Length between perpendiculars

29.3 m

Height of masts above deck

27 m

Surface area of sails

526,4 m2

Maximum passengers


Number of sails


Maximum Crew

7 (1 captain + 6 sailors)

For complementary information, check the official website of the museum, the bad point is that there is no english version.