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Shakira, follow her steps in Barcelona

It seems that with her album “sale el sol” (come out the sun), Shakira has decided to shoot most of her video clips in Barcelona, songs like loca, gypsy, rabiosa… and sometimes surprising people when they saw her on the streets.

I’m sure that the first thing you will do when you will spot a famous, it is to take out your mobile phone or your camera for a picture and you won’t doubt to ask him/her if it will be possible to have a picture side by side with her/him, an autograph, a kiss… well everything that will come out from your mind to have a great souvenir.

It was what happened for her video “loca” (crazy), she

surprised a lot of people meanwhile recording some sessions because, if you watched it, you will find out that it was totally outdoor. So let’s start first by the rosa dels vents square situated near the beach and the hotel W. It was on this square that people could watch her moving her body for a dance session.

shakira shakira

The part, where she did crazy things by bathing in a fountain with some lucky passer-bys, is located at the pla de palau square, near the Born area. Take note that this instinctively action cost her a fine because bathing is prohibited and she didn’t ask the permission to the City Hall. The other thing, that cost her a ticket again, is to ride on a harley davidson motorbike without wearing a helmet along the passeig joan borbo comte de barcelona street.

If during your free time, you decide to do roller skate, know that she did it on the passeig maritim barceloneta street from the hotel W and the beach dance session was filmed on the passeig del mare nostrum street, the area near the Mellow Beach Club for the nice surprise of the customers.

That’s it for loca, ya crazy things she did !!! Other clips like “no” has some minutes filmed in the harbor, “gypsy” in a studio in the city and for “rabiosa”, a local converted in a club. Moreover, for this video, she went to Strip Art Studio, a strip school to learn how to perform dancing with a pole.

shakira shakira

One of the commercial advertisings, she did, was for the cava of Freixenet, a spanish champagne brand, which has been done in a mansion situated at avinguda bartomeu 34 in Bellaterra, a town in the outskirts of Barcelona. Actually it is the place where she lives if she is not in the house of her boyfriend Gerard Pique, a football player of the FC Barcelona team.

And if you are wondering where he lives, sincerely I don’t know exactly the number but his flat is situated in the Sant Gervasi Galvany neighborhood of Barcelona on the muntaner street. To give you a clue, the flat has a terrace with a swimming pool and a chillout section, with that, you won’t have a problem to find it with google earth because there are only 2 with those characteristics in the area, either spoiler