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Sipping a natural tea in Barcelona

If you like to drink tea like me, this topic may interest you because I will tell you some places where I use to go. Of course, you can tell me that you can order tea at any bars and restaurants in Barcelona but it exists tea and “tea”.

If your goal is to drink tea in bag and/or you are not curious, I recommend you to skip this article because in all bars and restaurants, they can serve you a lipton tea. All places, that I’m going to describe you, have white, red, green and black tea (except if I tell you the contrary).

First at all, let me tell you that there is a tea shop inside the Triangle mall located near plaza catalunya and la rambla street. You can’t miss it since there is only one.

The shop is a normal one, nothing particular, they offer a lot of kinds of teas and you can buy it already packed or by weight. The other offered service is the personalization. For example, for a birthday, they can create a special bouquet according the type of tea that you have selected – very useful in case if you want to make an original gift.

Normally, I get used to go to Gracia district to take my tea. In this district, there are 3 places that I like a lot but before to tell you more, just to let you know that near the downtown, there is a place you can go.

“Zona Natural” is located at the bruc 37 street, it is a shop where you can buy food products imported from other countries. They have teas and a room where you can taste them before to buy the preferred one, the point is that you have to pay the tasted tea.

At consell de cent 485 street, near the Monumental building (the bull place), you can find a tea bar. It is small and it is more a place to go during day time, let’s say that it is not really a place to have fun meanwhile enjoying your tea but at least, you can relax and there are a lot of choices (majority are chinese tea).

At Gracia, one of the places I go often is located near the virreina square in the santa creu 5 street called “Copa Cafe”, the particularity of the place is that they propose you a teashake. It is made of black tea and one selected aroma like strawberry, banana, pineapple, almond… You can order it hot or cold, with or without milk in powder and to take away or not.

Just to let you know, since the bar has changed of owner, they have fewer choices. In the old time, you can select the base between black or green tea, much more aromas and other specialities imported from Taiwan.

Like you may know, this district is where people go to have fun during night time so you will not have problem to entertain with your friends or to meet new people. And if you get bored to drink tea, you can order something else like any other bars.

Near to it, at torrent d'en vidalet 37 street, you will find “Elephanta”. A place opens only from 18h and where you can enjoy tea from the south countries like arab tea. The place is very small so very quickly full of people.

And to end, in the asturies 38 street, inside the shop called “Olokuti”, they have a nicely garden in the back where you will enjoy a japanese tea. As all shops, it is open only during day time and sells things for your home and the garden, normally, only during summer time. It is very a peaceful place where you can rest quietly before to get out of this fresh air square.