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Skating in Barcelona

Skating in Barcelona is fun although the city is not adapted, there are many streets for the pleasure to roll on its smooth surface. If you have brought your roller skate or your skateboard, you don’t need to rent one. On the contrary, read my topic Alternative transports to rent a rollerblade.

OK, now that you have yours, where you can go ??? As any local people, I like to skate on the diagonal avenue, it is a long street that crosses the city from the top where is located the pedralbes park to the bottom where is situated the forum just near to the beach. It is a long road and if you go up, it will be a good climb so you will have to make more effort than to go down.


The other street, that crosses the city, is flat. Well, I want to say that there are no upward and downward, it is a long straight way called gran via de les corts catalanes starting from where you get in the city by taxi until the opposite side to get out towards the costa brava. Normally, people do between the espanya square and the glories square.

All along the beach, it is a good and long trail which, when you will end, you will surely jump into

the sea, it goes from the sant sebastia beach to the llevant beach, close to the forum. You will pass the barceloneta, the olympic port… and other popular sections like Shakira for her song loca. To know better this area, read my topic Beach of Barcelona.

Other streets like the rambla de catalunya, passeig de gracia, josep tarradellas avenue… are smaller and good area to practice this sport and/or leisure but if you are thinking to do it on la rambla street, forget about it. Why !!! Because there are too much people and the floor is a kind of small cobblestones that prevent to enjoy the ride. If you want to do it, at least, you have been warned !!!

In june, the 3rd sunday, Barcelona celebrates the bike and roller skate day. Some streets are totally


forbidden for cars so it is the perfect opportunity to skate without to be concerned about to be overturned. And it is a great moment to share with local people.

Talking about local people, every friday night, there is a group of rollers skating quietly in the city and each friday, the ride is different. Totally free, everyone is welcomed, no matter which level you have so if it is not raining and you want to participate, be at the golden fish (meeting place) near the 2 towers between 22h and 22h30. It ends around 1h by taking a drink with the group but you are free to leave whenever you want if you don’t want to do the 3 hours ride. In any cases, my advice is that to go everywhere that your wheels allow it and to have fun until your limit and exhaustion.