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Special tours in Barcelona

Forget about the concept of the normal tour that you may know because I´m going to reveal you some particular tours to know Barcelona under a different point of view so if you are looking for a private tour, please read my other topic Private tour guide at Barcelona.

If you are interested for another kind of tours or you feel curious about it, you will discover something special if you don’t leave this page because I´m not going to talk about people who will show you the city. At the contrary, people who will guide you through a shopping and style route for example or if you want to try the best tapas, why not do an itinerary of the tapas evening tour ?

Like you may guess, it is a kind of theme itinerary, something that can bring you a new experience or a complementary with your private tour of Barcelona.

Let’s start first by me, I’m proposing you to do a personal and private itinerary for a starting price of 40 euros during 4 hours minimum (free for children) meaning that you won’t be mixed with other persons. Contrary to others, you won’t choose a tour from a list but you will tailor it by telling me what you want to discover and I will walk with you by showing the different interesting spots.

Like you can guess, the itinerary is totally customized by you. There are also:

  • a 8h itinerary for 75 euros with the lunch option
  • a 2h tapas itinerary for 70 euros that includes drinks and foods
  • a VIP itinerary

And if you prefer to walk alone or with your friends, I can design an itinerary especially made for you according to what you want to discover and it includes a personalized map showing you the streets to take. On the other hand, you can buy my 2 books Barcelona Itineraries, The Urban Hiking and the Secret Hiking, each one contains the best and essential of Barcelona with 22 original itineraries.

If you are interested for more wine and cava tours, read my 2 following topics Wine tasting tour around Barcelona and Cava tasting tour near Barcelona.