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Summer 2012 at Barcelona

The summer is coming and if you will be at Barcelona, there are a lot of things to have fun because the whole city will do its local party to welcome the summer in every of its neighborhoods, so ready to have fun !!!

First, on the night of june 24, go to the beach to celebrate the Saint John’s Eve, don't forget to bring foods to make a barbecue near to the sea.

Montjuic by Night 2012 lasts only 1 night from 22h to 4h AM on july 7. Concerts, musics, shows… are celebrated in different areas of the mountain and moreover, from 20h, a lot of places are free entrance like the Poble Espanyol village, the Joan Miro foundation, the MNAC...

The city celebrates its 10th edition of music festival called Festival Mas i Mas in which more than 140 live concerts are scheduled in different places like “La Pedrera” (c/ provença 261-265, every day), “Moog” (c/ arc del teatre 3, every day from midnight), “Tarantos” (plaza reial 17, every day from 21h30) and “Jamboree” (plaza reial 17, every day).

Looking for live music, there are free live jazz concerts organized in the Ciutadella park. Each wednesday at 22h from july 5 until august 25. If you plan for a romantic event with someone special, I recommend you to do a picnic with candles meanwhile listening the band.

Benicassim festival is back again this year for its 18th edition during 4 days (from july 12 to 15) but this music festival, located at Benicàssim (near Valencia), is about 3h of Barcelona by RENFE train or about 2h30 by car, so if you want to go, you have to wake up early. The one day pass costs 75€ and the full day pass costs 165€ (not including free camping site). To know the artists and more information, check its official website.

The Pride Barcelona 12 is celebrated on june 22 to july 1. It is the Mediterranean Gay Pride in which anyone can enjoy a lot of activities like culture, movie, sport… ending with a parade the last sunday at 17h PM. To know everything, check its official website.

Do you like movie ??? And if I tell you that you can watch it at Montjuic for only 5,50€ (2,50€ with flyer that you can download it from its official website - I also recommend you to rent a chair for few euros more). It is a good thing to avoid the hot night summer since the movie is projected in outdoor so don’t miss the Mecal Air event every friday and saturday between 20h and 24h exactly at “plaza del baluard i jardí escultòric” from june 8 to september 14.

At the mall of Illa Diagonal, there is also an outdoor movie event called Cine Parc (2 euros) taking place exactly at “jardines de sant juan de déu” every thursday at 21h during the whole month of july with the option to rent a deck chair for 2 euros more. And for the whole monnth of august, the CCCB museum celebrates its movie session in outdoor called Gandules 12 (free entrance), every tuesday, wednesday and thursday at 22h and it takes place at “patio de las mujeres” (women courtyard).

Combining movie and coastal tour, check the company “Las Golondrinas” (portal de la pau, in front of Columbus statue). They call their event Cinemar which takes place every friday and saturday until august 26 at 22h for 28€ (drink included). OK it is expensive but don’t forget that for this price, you have a night boat tour so if you don’t like the movie or get bored, you still can enjoy it until 23h30.

For 17€, you can do an urban tour during the night time with the tourist bus every friday and weekend from june 29 until september 16 at plaza catalunya and if you prefer to watch a free water show, you have to go to plaza carles buïgas for the magic fountain, a show of lights, water and music every thursday, friday and weekend between 21h and 23h30.

At the espanya square, there are 2 events. Gamelab, the national videogame industry conference, is celebrated from june 27 to july 1 into the Arenas mall so if you are a gamer, don’t doubt to go there to play free and to discover the last news of your favorite games. Barcelona Harley Days takes place from july 6 to 8 which is an event of harley davidson so not only bikers will enjoy it but everyone lovers of motorbike.

Grec 2012 takes place the full month of july in different sites as the Picasso museum, greek theatre, rei square, flower market… It is a festival of dance, theatre, music and circus for anyone to enjoy the summer. Some are free and some not, if you want to know what to see and where to go, check its official website.

Looking for local and traditional festivals, I recommend you:

  • the Firentitats (calle sants and calle creu coberta) at the Sants-Montjuïc district on june 2, to discover local artisans and enjoy free concerts
  • the Eixample festival at the Eixample Dreta neighborhood will be celebrated the first weekend of july, for everyone who likes the modernism
  • the Poble Sec festival at the Poble Sec neighborhood will be celebrated from july 14 to 22, giants, castellers (human castle), sardana and much more tradtions will be on party
  • the Gracia festival at the Gracia district from 15 to 21 of august. Streets totally decorated, live music, movies projection... party to get mixed with local people with a lot of entertainments.
  • the Sants festival (plaza de la farga) at Sants district from 18 to 26 of august, more or less as the Gracia one but focused for children.

With all those things to do, I’m sure you will pass a great holiday at Barcelona and bring back at home a lot of souvenirs. If it is your first time at Barcelona, and I will always repeat it, even if it is your 1 million times in this city, read my topic about Dangerous areas in Barcelona and Avoid pickpocket at Barcelona because it is very important to know the dark side of Barcelona.

May 30, 2012