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TOP 10 best museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of museums and amongst them, some are not very interesting so it will be worth to spend more time on those that will shine our day. This is my list of TOP 10 best museums.

  • MACBA of Barcelona. The Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona has different floors offering different types of exhibition. Depending of the month, the exhibitions are differents and on the last floor, you get a view point of Barcelona. Metro: L1/L3 plaza catalunya.
  • Chocolate museum of Barcelona. This museum is for chocolate lovers where you will know everything about chocolate. Metro: L4 jaume I.

  • History museum of Barcelona. A good place to know better the city from the beginning. On the ground floor, you will walk on glazed tiles to see some roman remains under your feet. Metro: L4 jaume I.
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  • MNAC of Barcelona. The Museum of National Art of Catalonia exhibits arts and paintings of Catalonia. And during the summer time, just in front of the entrance, just sit and watch the sunset. Metro: L1/L3 espanya.
  • Cosmocaixa science museum of Barcelona. A museum with a lot of things to experiment including the small amazonian forest to discover its fauna. For more details, read my topic Exploring scientific places at Barcelona.
  • Maritime museum of Barcelona. This museum is located in the same place that were made royal boats during the medieval period. You will see a model of the old Barcelona and there is a royal galley in real size. Metro: L3 drassanes.
  • History museum of Catalonia. A good place to know better this state from the beginning. Its history is divided in different floors. Metro: L4 barceloneta.
barcelona barcelona
  • Natural science museum of Barcelona. A quite interesting place to know more about minerals and the birth of the earth, also there is a section of false animals in real size and a dinosaur area. Metro: L4 el maresme forum.

  • Picasso museum. Picasso is the worldwide famous painting artist. In this museum, you will learn different periods of his life like the blue period. Generally, there are a lot of people so my recommendation is to buy tickets online. Metro: L4 jaume I.
  • Miro foundation. If you like Miro, it is the place you have to go, you will discover many of his works in this museum. Metro: L3 parallel then the funicular Montjuic.