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3D Barcelona

Have you installed and do you use Google Earth ??? If you have, do you know that you can visit some cities in 3D ??? If you don’t, now you will not have excuses !!!

If before to take a decision for your next vacation, you always get used to check where you are going, this time with this tool of Google, you can view the city and check by yourself if it is worth or not before buying your ticket.

By activating the “3D buildings” option in the “layers” menu, you will be able to do so and now that Barcelona has integrated the list of 3D cities, you will be able to discover most part of its famous buildings like Sagrada Familia, Agbar tower, Casa Milà and much more in 3D.

The other option that I can propose you to discover my city is through BCN 4D Virtual Flight, a geoshow 3D application that you have to install totally free because it is offered by the city hall.

After the installation, you will be able to enjoy a journey through the contemporary history of Barcelona. A kind of travel through the time where you will cross 60 years of history mixing photo and virtual starting from 1940 until today.

March 21, 2010