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Affordable exotic holidays ? Easy... if you know how ! guest post written by Lisa Morton

It would probably be fair to say that for millions of people across the UK, the only thing that really puts them off the most exotic adventures the world has to offer is the price of them. Not that they're unhappy with their annual jaunts to the Med, but everyone knows that there is a great big world out there waiting to be made the most of and chances are the majority would like to see more of it.

So, is there a realistic way of making exotic holidays more affordable ? Are places like the Caribbean, Mexico and Mauritius really within the reach of the so-called Average Joe ?

There are indeed, and the really good news is they can to some extent be found almost all year-round. In fact, play your cards right and you could find your 2013 holiday budget stretching to something wildly out of the ordinary, as opposed to the usual run-of-the-mill hop over the Channel.

The When

As far as when to book goes, it's worth remembering that when it's summer here in the UK, it's actually the depths of winter in other climes. Or to put it another way, peak season varies massively depending on where you're looking at so never rule out an exotic holiday just because you're thinking of going during the warmer months in Britain. These might be the most expensive times to hit Europe, but further afield it's the middle of what they are least call their "winter" and bargains abound ! So in other words, check it out before you rule it out – you might be in for a nice surprise !

The Where

There are certain island paradise resorts the world over where you'd need a pretty sizeable credit card limit just to afford breakfast – this is just the sad reality of it. However, there are also others you might not have even heard of where accommodation and costs of living are rock-bottom, despite the fact that the place itself is a relatively unspoilt paradise. It's therefore a case of steering away from the obvious when the obvious is too expensive and seeing what's on offer for a less bewilderingly high price tag.

The How

Both of the above tips can be tricky if you’re not well adept at making travel arrangements, which is why tip three is to always at least have a chat with an independent travel company before making a booking – NOT an agency that's tied to specific providers. Information is free, comes without obligation and can open up a world of new doors that most would never have known existed. What's more, it can often be hugely cheaper to go with the independent consultant's deal.

The Total Package

Last but not least, it's hard to believe but stunning all-inclusive packages can often work out infinitely cheaper than all other board types including self-catering. As such, never rule out what appears to be the total package of luxury due to assumptions about costs, as you might well be selling yourself rather too short.

By Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton recently took her friends to Antigua with a package from The Holiday Place and has since become hooked on the exotic. She's also taken to blogging how to reach the farthest climes of the world for as little expense as possible.