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April fair of Catalonia

April is not only known to be the month of San Jordi at Barcelona but also for one of the big party of the year called “feria de abril de Cataluña” (april fair of Catalonia) - don’t mistake with the one celebrated at Seville which is the most famous one in Spain and simply known as “feria de abril de Sevilla” in Andalusia.

It always starts the last weekend of the month and ends the first weekend of may and it was born in 1971, when a group of immigrants from Andalusia decided to create its own version of the fair at Barcelona in order to keep its tradition.

With the time, the party grew up a lot to be converted as the second big one in Spain.

It is organized by the FECAC (Federación de Entidades Culturales Andaluzas en Cataluña) and it takes place in the Forum area just behind the mall Diagonal Mar where you will find a lot house shaped stands and funfair. One of the main differences between this one and the Seville one is that stands are totally opened to the public instead to be “private”.

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Stands are represented by an organization and if at Barcelona the entrance is free, at Seville, if you want to get in majority of them, you need to have an invitation or to be a member to participate or to watch shows.

The fair covers more or less 105.000m2 which is divided in 2 sections. The “real” has 85.000m2 and it brings together the stands, restaurant and commercial areas. The “calle del infierno” (hell street) has 30.000m2 and it is the funfair area.

Like I told you above, stands are free entrance so you will have the opportunity to watch shows done by the different organizations. In some of them, you will have the possibility to eat inside if not, just go to one of the restaurants in the food area. Also in the commercial area, you can buy products made especially from Andalusia.

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During the full week, a special night bus will be at your disposition and during day time, metro and bus will be your public transportation. Of course, you can take a taxi from plaza catalunya and it will cost you maximum 15€ so up to you which one you want to use to go there.

By metro, take the yellow line L4 (direction La Pau) and stop at “El Maresme-Fòrum” station. By bus, you will have a lot of choices. During day time, you have:

  • Línea 7. Diagonal Mar-Z. Universitària
  • Línea 36. Paral•lel-Can Dragó
  • Línea 41. Pl. Francesc Macià-Poblenou Mar
  • Línea 43. Les Corts-Sant Adrià
  • Línea 141. Av. Mistral-Barri Besòs

During night time, take the special bus at plaza catalunya.

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The open times of the fair are the following:

  • Week days from 18h to 2h AM
  • Saturdays from 10h to 4h30 AM
  • Sundays from 10h to 2h AM except the Sunday of may to 22h
  • May, 1st from 10h to 2h AM
  • The day before may, 1st from 18h to 4h30 AM

So if you plan to come at Barcelona during the month of april, don’t miss this fair with a special ambiance of Andalusia.