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Asterix, the gaul theme park

The Asterix theme park is a good alternative if you don’t like or if you get bored of Disneyland and/or France Miniature, located at 30 km at the north of Paris in France, its access is not very easy if you don’t have a car although it exists a shuttle from 3 different points in the city:

  • the Louvre shuttle
  • the Eiffel tower shuttle
  • the Charles de Gaulles airport shuttle

By car, take the A1 freeway direction Lille and when you see the Parc Asterix exit, just follow it (the parking has an additional fee).

Once there, you will be immersed in the world of the french comic book called Astérix le Gaulois created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

asterix asterix

The park is for all ages so you can bring your children with you and if some attractions are considered dangerous, there is a panel showing 3 different heights:

  • the minimum one, if your kid isn’t tall enough, it is forbidden for him/her
  • the medium one, you have to accompany your kid if not he/she will not be able to do it
  • the maximum one, your kid can do it alone


To tell you the truth, I found that there are only 2 very dangerous for children in spite that on the map it shows 5 great thrills which are “tonnerre de zeus” and “goudurix”. In total, there are 31 attractions (20 for family, 5 for adults and 6 for children only) including water rides.

asterix asterix

The park also proposes 6 shows and entertainments including a dolphin show, a roman army show… and 5 places where kids can go play video and electronic games including some games of strength and skill (count an additional charge for those games).

Many places to buy foods and souvenirs and what we did during our lunch time, it was to buy sandwiches and went to eat in one of the picnic areas. If you are going there without kids, I will recommend you to do first:

  • tonnerre de zeus, a rollercoaster with great bends and heights
  • goudurix, a rollercoaster with 7 loopings
  • la trace du hourra, a rollercoaster of bobsleigh where some sections without track rails
  • l’oxygenarium, sitting inside a big rubber ring, you will spin from top to down.
  • le grand splatch, a quiet ride on boat climbing the mountain for a big and great fall

If you want to get wet (no way to escape so a very good thing during a sunny and hot day):

  • la rivière d’elis, a water ride across a river full of traps to get wet
  • menhir express, a roller coaster on boat with a final great fall
asterix asterix asterix

Once done, do the others or repeat the ones you like. The best is to do the most attractions during the lunch time between 12h and 14h because there are few people so making the line is very quick.

During summer time, there is one week when the park is opened until 23h but normally it is closed very early, something between 18h and 20h depending of the season. To know its opening, the price and other information, check its official website and have fun :-)