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Barcelona, 3rd rank of the world happiest cities

Forbes published the last week an article about the world’s happiest cities and Barcelona (Spain) is classified in the 3rd rank. The survey is based on the 2009 Anholt-GfK Roper City Brands Index, released in june in which the study was done through 10.000 people in 20 countries.

This survey has also been used to classify the best gastronomy city in the world and Barcelona was classified in the 5th rank. Take note that happiness it is not easy to evaluated, much more difficult for a city because it is a feeling and not something like a material.

So you should be conscious that the survey doesn’t reflect the reality but only and purely a perception of the people.

In fact, if you want to know the truth, you should live inside the city and according to your perception, you can say that the population lives happier or not and normally, by a domino effect, you should feel happy too.

It was what happened to me, I came to live at Barcelona long time ago and now I enjoy my life but I am still looking for the city where I can end happily my life. I remember that I met a guy, about 50 years old, single and without family, at Granada, a town in south of Spain, and he told me that he travelled a lot and stopped here because he found his happiness from the joy of the citizens.

Brazil (South America) gets the 1st rank because majority of people associate it with the carnival of Rio de Janeiro which is an image of good humor and living. The 2nd is Sydney (Australia), known for balmy weather, friendly locals and its opera house.

Like you can guess, each person has his own opinion and definition about happiness and most of the time, we express most our individual feeling that a global perception. After all, we can’t think for others but just guess. For example, for Patricia Schultz, writer of the book “1.00 places to see before you die”, said :

"Anyone lucky enough to visit the magical Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan would know that there is no competition: There can be no happier place, this small Buddhist nation of incredibly stunning beauty follows a unique guiding philosophy of Gross National Happiness. You can see it in their open faces, they smile from the heart."

After Barcelona, the other cities are Amsterdam (Netherlands) then Melbourne (Australia), Madrid (Spain), San Francisco (USA), Roma (Italy), Paris (France) and the Buenos Aires (Argentina) which got the 10th rank.

September 8, 2009