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Barcelona, 5th city of best worldwide gastronomy

According to the magazine Forbes, Barcelona is the 5th city on the list of the best places to eat. In fact, the list is from the 2009 Anholt-GfK Roper City Brands Index released in june.

The survey has been done to 10.000 persons from 20 countries. They have been selected according to their geographic and economic diversity and asked to rank 50 cities based on various subjects/questions.

Before it, Paris occupies the first place of the best worldwide city of gastronomy, followed by Rome (second place) and after by Tokyo (third place) and Mexico (fourth place).

About Barcelona, in spite that the famous gastronomy restaurant is located in its outskirts, they recommend to go to “El Bulli” (cala montjoi, ap. 30 at Roses near Girona, phone +34972150457) and if you can’t reserve a table, you can go other places to eat, specially, the seafood paella, the “escalivada” (roasted, smoky vegetables), the codfish salad, the ham, the bread with tomato and hot chocolate with churros.

There are lots of nice and good places inside the capital and if you want some recommendation from me, I suggest you to check those following links where you will find (traditional, local, fashion…) places I like to go:

And Madrid (sixth place), Hong Kong (seventh place), Beijing (eighth place), Milan (ninth place) and Shanghai (tenth place) are just after Barcelona.

September 4, 2009