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Gay and lesbian places at Barcelona

The first time I told to my friends that I am going to Barcelona for vacation, they told me “you are going to visit the gay city !!!”.

In this time, I didn’t know that the city is famous for this side. But anyway, it doesn’t prevent me to decide to live here years later.

I have the same fun in a place for homosexual than a place for heterosexual. In fact, there are not a lot of differences because a bar is a bar and a club is a club. For me, it depends a lot of each person and how he/she thinks about life.

Some places are exclusively for them but in some places,

an heterosexual can enter and if you are like me and you don’t mind to have a drink with your friends or girlfriend in a homosexual bar, following some places you can go.

  • Aire Sala Diana (only lesbian), valencia 236
  • Ámbar, casanova 71
  • Arenas Cinema, tarragona 5
  • Átame, consell de cent 257
  • Aurora, aurora 7
  • Bacon Bear Bar, casanova 64
  • Brigadum, brosolí 4
  • Burdel 74, carme 74
  • Café Dietrich, consell de cent 255
  • Chaise Lounge, diputació 206
  • Dora Ópera Café (only lesbian), vilarroel 96
  • EA3 (only gay), rauric 23
  • Eagle (only gay), paseo sant joan 152
  • Imagine (only lesbian), maría cubí 4
  • La Base, casanova 201
  • La Rosa (only lesbian), brusi 39
  • Living Room, calabria 226
  • M-3, balmes 51
  • Market Bear Bar, tarragona 7
  • Marsella, sant pau 65
  • New Chaps, avinguda diagonal 365
  • Padam...Padam, rauric 9
  • People Lounge, villaroel 71
  • Punto Barcelona (only gay), muntaner 63-65
  • Remix, lleida 23
  • She´s (only lesbian), aribau 103
  • Sweet café, casanova 75
  • Theseo, comte borrell 119
  • Woofy, entenza 37
  • Zeltas, casanova 75

The famous district in Barcelona is situated at Eixample Izquierda and to end the night, the best is to go to dance until 5h/6h AM.

  • Abaixadors Deu, abaixadors 10
  • Arena, balmes 32
  • Arena Classic, diputació 233
  • Arena Sala Dandy y VIP, gran vía 593
  • DBoy, ronda san pere 19-21
  • Deja Vu (only lesbian), c/ aribau 81
  • Kiut (only lesbian), consell de cent 280
  • La Luna (only gay), diagonal 323
  • La Madame, ronda san pere 19-21
  • Martin´s, passeig de grácia 130
  • Metro Disco, sepúlveda 185
  • Tatu, cayo celio 7
  • Twist, balmes 51
  • Whip (only gay and lesbian), méjico 7

If you like to have fun, I am quite sure that even if you don’t think to go to such places, there is a chance that you will go. It already happened to me that going out with friends, we entered in a homosexual bar without knowing it !!! The only difference for me was to find a girl friend who was not lesbian and free, it was really more harder than a heterosexual places of course but not impossible.