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Barcelona, Nou Barris

There is nothing interesting in this district except to live in an area with spanish people but it is what I am doing right now except that I am in a quarter more popular !!!


The only thing which can attract me in this zone, it is the outdoor mall Heron City located at avinguda rio de janeiro, 42. I went times ago and this place should be the most attractive and the most entertainment commercial center at Barcelona but for me, they have failed somewhere or somehow.

I am totally disappointed and this mall is completely a failure but at least people who live in this district have somewhere to go to watch a movie in a good condition – with good sound and good screen without to go until the downtown.

Of course, like any other districts, there are good places to take a drink and to dinner but not so much like Gràcia, Eixample, Sants... and if I decide to go, I can’t go in and out in different bars but choose one or 2 unique places to have fun all night.