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Barcelona, Sants and Montjuïc

It was between 18h and 19h, me and my girlfriend was walking quietly and peacefully in the Jardins de Laribal, one of the nice Montjuïc gardens and suddenly we saw a little cat who was watching at us.

When we tried to approach him, he ran away just to hide behind a little bush with his other 3 brothers !!! Well after playing with them a while, we let them alone with their mother.

I like to take a walk in Montjuïc because it hides a lot of nice places and gardens. And by going up, there is more chance to have a fantastic view on the city. It is in this area that I can find the Olympic Game Stadium (passeig olympic), the botanic garden of Barcelona (doctor font i

quer, 2), the Greek Theatre (passeig de santa madrona), Palau Sant Jordi (passeig olympic) where there are lot of concerts... To go to Montjuïc park, you have 4 possibilities:


  • Montjuïc tourist bus (phone (+34)934414982) and it exists 2 routes (blue and red) for a price of 3€. The blue begins and ends at plaza espanya and the red, at portal de la pau and you can get on or off as many times as you like.
  • Air ferry from the port (phone (+34)932252718) and the price is around 12,50€. It is a cable car transport service linking the Tower of Sant Sebasti (Sant Sebasti beach) with the Jaume I Tower (World Trade Center) and Miramar (Montjuc mountain).
  • Montjuïc funicular and the price is the same as the metro, you can take it at the metro station Paral-lel.
  • Aerial cableway of Montjuïc and the one way ticket is around 6€, it exists only 3 stations (parc Montjuïc, mirador and castell).

Also around this area, there are a lot of museums like Salvador d'Història Natural (Salvador of Natural History - passeig migdia, 187), Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Art National of Catalonia - mirador palau nacional, 6), Fundació Joan Miró (Joan Miró Fundation - avinguda miramar, 1)... And last thing, the cemetery is in north side so if you don’t want to see ghosts, try to not fall in it !!!

Really it is a very nice place to visit and you can easily pass more than 1 day to discover everything. From 19h to 22h, at plaza de carles buigas, you can enjoy a water and light fountain show. This place is in front of the Nacional d'Art de Catalunya museum and if you want, watch the little extract of this show.

The Plaza España is well known for its many international exhibitions like automobile, gastronomy, travel, wedding... and the Sants station is not far away from this place where sometimes I have to go there to take my train to go to Madrid, Granada... It is the central point for all national trains in and out of Barcelona and also if you come from France.

If you take a look on the map, you can see that the west side is totally grey and it is called Zona Franca, an industrial zone where the only excitement is to go to work !!!