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Beach of Barcelona

One of the best attractions of Barcelona is its beach, located at the east side of the city, it is divided in 8 sections with its 4.5 km of coastline:

  • sant sebastià beach (metro L4 barceloneta)
  • sant miquel beach (metro L4 barceloneta)
  • barceloneta beach (metro L4 barceloneta)
  • nova icaria beach (metro L4 ciutadella villa olimpica)
  • bogatell beach (metro L4 ciutadella villa olimpica)
  • la mar bella beach (metro L4 ciutadella villa olimpica)
  • la nova mar bella beach (metro L4 selva de mar)
  • llevant beach (metro L4 selva de mar)

The first 3 are the oldest ones and where there are a

high concentration of people, separated by the olympic port (just spot the golden fish and the 2 towers) and restructured for the 1992 Olympic Games, you will find the others.

To tell you the truth, I don’t go often, I prefer to go to the ones located in the outskirts like Masnou, Castelldefels… because Barcelona beaches are a little dirty (sand and sea), especially the ones near the downtown which are the first 3 ones so if you want something clean and you want absolutely to stay at Barcelona, I will recommend you to go to the ones nearest to the forùm which are the last ones like llevant beach.

Not only there are cleaner but also quieter and more space. Indeed, when the day is sunny and hot like during summer time, people have to go early to the Barceloneta beach for example to find a space to put his/her beach towel. I won’t say that it is an impossible mission but a difficult task.

In some sections of the beach, you will find some beach bars where you can go to lunch and to dine if your plan is to stay until the sunset because during summer season, the sun goes down not before around 22h PM !!! Of course, all along the beach, there are restaurants where you can go because when the wind is strong, it is not really pleasant to put sands in your salad.

About snack, don’t worry if you forgot to buy it in the supermarket, each 5 minutes you will hear someone says “beer, cerveza, patatas, chips…” so just call him and buy what you need, of course, you will pay the soda can about 1 euro instead of 50 cents for example. If not near the sant sebastià beach and the 2 towers, there are small shops. And if you want a massage, you will hear “massage” so for a cheap price, a chinese woman will do you a session.

Take note that this kind of selling and services are illegal in Barcelona and normally when the police catches those people, their goods are seized and they get a fine including the customer. Yes you read well, you can also get a ticket if you get caught in the facts so up to you to take the risk.

Like la rambla street, beaches are full of pickpockets so please be careful with your belongings, it is not really recommended to let your bag without supervision. If really you have no choice, the best is to ask your neighbor to keep watch for you but even that, I will say, do it in last resort because it is not easy to keep watch on 2 different spots.

My advice is that you bring the bare minimum like a beach towel, a protection cream and a little money in your backpack for example and let your handbag at your hotel.

Take note that due to a lot of remodeling and urbanization of the zone around the beach, each year, the city lost sands and the City Hall has to spend a lot of money to bring new ones for its beaches. Of course, normally the mother nature should have regenerated it but it is not the case, the lost is more important than the natural recycling.