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The best moment to buy a flight ticket

When we travel, we are always looking for the best price but as you know, the price can vary according to the day we want to buy it. Everyone says that it is best to buy in advance, at least 1 month before the day we want to go.

Not sure if you notice it like me but sometime even buying very in advance, the price can be more expensive than when we wait at the last minute. Actually with low cost companies, we can find some destinations very cheap.

Now, what it is the best ? Buy 1 year in advance or 1 hour before the departure ??? Well according to a study done on 560 millions of flight tickets, the best timing is

exactly 49 days in advance for national flights, 81 days for international flights and 96 days for the high season.

So if I understand well, buying my ticket with 1 year in advance, I will not find the best price neither with 1 week in advance. In fact, the price begins to increase in the 2 weeks before the departure and if you are thinking to do it 1 or 2 days before, the price may increase between 35 and 50%.

Strangely, for international flights, it is 1 or 2 days before that we may find the best prices !!! And buying very long time in advance, the price is between 15 and 20% more expensive.

Well, at the end, according to my experience, I think that it is just question of luck. Sometimes, when I look a price at 10h and later at 11h, the price is different, generally cheaper, of course, it depends on the destination.

There is one thing I am sure, taking the first flight of the day, the price is cheaper but at this time, there is no public transport so adding the taxi for instance, it may be best to flight at 9hAM than at 5hAM !!!

Other thing to take in consideration, it is to go to holidays during the low season, it is almost cheaper not only for the flight but also for the hotel for people who don’t have friends or families who can accommodate them.