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Camping sites near Barcelona

Camping is one of the good things to do if you want to be with mother nature and also one of the cheaper ways to enjoy your vacation. In many places, you can rent a bungalow or a place to park your trailer/caravan but, of course, if you want to save money, just come with your tent.

Until now, I did it one time but very very long time ago and to tell you the truth, I liked it. We (me and friends) went to a village in the north of France (don’t remember the name) and we were able to convince one of the farmers to camp on his field so we were alone.

The place was so dark during night time that almost each

night, we told a ghost story and every night, we were able to enjoy an incredible Milky Way. Cooking on wooden fire, meat, fish… have another taste, it was very fun. The advantage is that it is very cheap compared to a hotel, well depending because renting a bungalow can be expensive. Also it is a good way to meet new friends and the inconvenient (at least for me), it is the common places like shower, bathroom…

At Barcelona, there are no camping places so if you want to do it, you have to go in its outskirts. Some are very far away from the city and others closest. Following some sites where you can go:

  • Camping Estrella de Mar, km 16'7 de la C-246 at Castelldefels (phone +34936330784)
  • Camping Cala Go-go, km 6’3 de la C-246 at El Prat de Llobregat (phone +34933794600)
  • Camping 3 Estrellas, km 186.200 de la autovía de Castelldefels, C-31 at Gavà (phone +34936 330 637)
  • Camping Masnou, ctra. N-II km 633 Camil Fabra, 33 at El Masnou (phone +34935551503)
  • Camping El Toro Bravo, km 11 de la autovía de Castelldefels, C-246 at Viladecans (phone +34936373462)
  • Camping Filipinas, km 12 de la C-246 at Viladecans (phone +34936582895)
  • Camping La Ballena Alegre, km 12'5 de la C-246 at Viladecans (phone +34936580504)

All of them are very close to Barcelona, there are more but I don’t list them on this article since my goal is to show you places near the city and unfortunately, I can’t give you recommendations since I’m never been there or know someone.