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Cinema at Barcelona

There are a lot of movie theaters in Barcelona but not all have original versions or with english subtitle. If you master the spanish language, it is perfect thus you will not be limited at the moment to choose the place.

Personally, I like to watch movies and when I started to live here and still didn’t master the language, I was looking for places to watch them in original version.

Now, fortunately, I speak the national language so I can go to the best theater in the city to enjoy fully a great sound with surround and a good and huge screen.

One of the best thing to watch original movies, it is the fact that I can hear the real voice of the actors and not

the dubbing in spanish which is sometimes very bad. Not about the synchronization but the fact that the voice doesn’t match with the actors.

One of the things that makes me write this article, it is the fact that I remembered myself in a foreign country for vacation and I was so eager to watch a movie that I needed to find a theater with original versions so I thought that this topic can help people who are like me.

There are only 5 theaters which show movies in original version and there are only 2 I like (Verdi Verdi and Yelmo) but it doesn’t mean that I don’t go to the others because each cinema has its own characteristics and policies so depending of the movie, sometimes I have to go to this one or the other.

The Renoir franchise with its 2 theaters, Renoir Floridablanca (floridablanca, 135 crossing casanova street) with its 7 rooms and Renoir Les Corts (eugeni d'ors, 12 crossing les corts street) with its 6 rooms. They show a mix of blockbusters and independent movies.

The Verdi franchise with its 2 theaters, Verdi Verdi (verdi, 32 crossing l’or street) with its 5 rooms and Verdi Park (torrijos, 49 crossing l’or street) with its 4 rooms. Their policy is to show only independent movies but sometimes they make some exceptions.

Yelmo Cineplex Icaria (salvador espriú, 61 within the mall El Centre de la Villa) with its 15 rooms. Majority of the movies are blockbusters.

I use to go to Verdi Verdi because it is the only theater with a huge screen in the room 1. The special reduced price day (spectator day) is normally monday, put in place by the government, to encourage people to go more often to cinema.

New movies hit theater each friday and there are no morning sessions and usually, the movies start from 16h to 22h or midnight except Yelmo from 11h (it is one of the rare theater which has morning sessions).