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Delicious ice cream

I love ice creams, in fact I love to eat sweet things like cakes, candies… and my parents always told me that one day I will lose all my teeth !!! and I always answered that I will use brace when this day will come !!!

Ice creams can be eat at any time and at any seasons, no matter the weather (rain, snow, storm…) and if you die for an ice cream, go to buy one but you have to know where. In spite that there are a lot of places you can go at Barcelona, some places stand out above the average.

If you are looking for something different, new taste and sense and a very good ice cream, below a list of my favourite places.

  • Belgious, c/ avinyó 50. You will find stunning ice creams like black olive, roquefort with walnut, gin tonic…
  • Gelaaati!, c/ llibreteria 7. Very yummy ice creams and my preferred ones are mango and mojito.
  • La Campana, c/ princesa 36. A good place to eat standard good ice creams.
  • Gelateria Caffetteria Italina, plaza de la revolución de septiembre de 1868 2. 2 italian girls own this place and all their standard ice creams are very tasty.
  • Italianos Maximum 1940, la rambla 78. You will taste new flavour like bourbon vanilla, black rum chocolate, gazpacho, liver…
  • Fratello, passeig joan de borbó 15. Argentine ice creams like caramel spread.

Take note that, according to the season, those ice cream makers will not make some flavors and all of them are home made. I know that you are anxious to go to such places but before to let you go, I will add a last one on my list.

  • Häagen-Dazs, rambla de catalunya 85.

I know, it is not the local and typical homemade ice cream parlour and in spite that it is an international company and they propose standard flavours, I like to go there sometimes since they have good ice creams.