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Deserted beaches to feel alone

Do you dream about going to a beach where there are few people, a beach only for you ??? At the Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, there are so much people that sometimes it is very hard to find a place and when I find one, sometimes I can feel squeezed !!!

Of course, I’m not talking about winter time because during this period, I won’t have this problem. Some friends can tell me, OK but go to the beach part near to the Forum or to the W hotel. True, on this section, normally there are very few people but still I don’t have the feeling to discover something new and unique.

Sometimes we have to travel very far away to get a piece of a deserted beach, at least a place with few

people, surrounded by fascinating culture and exotic cuisine but most important the satisfaction to discover a great off path island. The lucky persons are the ones who live near those areas but even for them, one day they will feel the need to discover new things.

Following some ideas where, once there, we can feel that the beach is only for us:

  • in Croatia, it is not an island but a town called Vis that we have to visit, particularly the Srebrna beach covered by large flat stones which appear silver in the sun.
  • in French Polynesia, walk on the pink sand beaches of the Fakarava island and dive into its blue lagoon water. Declared by UNESCO as Nature Reserve, we will also discover a church made of coral, the black pearl farms…
  • in Quebec, it still exists some inhabited islands which are part of the Magdalene Islands. Here, we can testify that some of them are only connected by sand dunes and long grassy reeds, enjoy its 200 miles of virgin beaches…
  • in British Virgin Islands, there is a coral island called Anegada surrounded by the largest coral barrier reef in the Caribbean where someone can enjoy a white sand beach, discover a huge population of bonefish, hear the songs of the exotic birds… in a almost deserted zone.
  • in Vietnam, if we reach the Cat Ba island, we will discover an unspoiled masterpiece of mother nature where we will see splendid waterfalls, visit the remarkable trung trang cave, walk in a wonderful national park… without forgetting its lovely beach section.
  • in Guadeloupe, it will be a good option to discover the Terre-de-Haut island with its wonderful beaches hiding a world of colorful reefs and exotic fishes and where walking on its powdery white sands can be a delight.
  • in Kenya, we can do snorkeling to discover beautiful coral reefs meanwhile playing with dolphins but for that, we will have to go to Lamu island.
  • in Micronesia, there is also a place to swim with dolphins and manta rays too. For that, we will have to go to Yap island to find out how splendid is its coral reefs but also its green hills, antiquated stone paths…

Of course, it exists other places to go to enjoy a deserted beach or a beach with few people. For example, when I went to Hong Kong, I founded some wild beaches on some of its islands like the Lantau island. I’m quite sure that there are still some undiscovered beaches by humans around the world and it depends only on us to find it, it is just like a treasure hunt.