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Discount cards of Barcelona

It exists some cards which allow you to save money and buying one of them, you can enjoy some discount in museums, restaurants, shops… depending on how many days you need it. Indeed, those cards have different prices according to the number of days you count to use it but let me explain you, first, the T-casual and T-familiar tickets for the public transport in zone 1.

Not a discount card but it will save your some euros. If you plant to use often the bus, metro…, I will recommend you to buy the ticket of 10 travels called “T-casual” or of 8 travels called “T-familiar” instead to buy the single one. Firstly because you will save more and less around 6 euros, only T-familiar is not personal meaning that someone else can use the same one.

To resume, if you are alone, buy the T-casual so you can travel 10 times with the same ticket (valid during 1 year starting from the first trip). If you have a friend or family, buy the T-familiar with its 8 travels (valid for 30 days starting from the first trip) so you can use 4 times and your friend also 4 times with the same ticket. The single ticket can be used only 1 time and that’s it so you can see the advantage. The ticket can be bought at any metro station.

The T-familiar ticket works on this way. As said before, everyone can use the same one so you will just need to buy one. Each of you have to validate it, meaning that once you will put it in the machine then pull it out completely from the ticket validation machine, it will release the turnstile or the door to allow you through. Then give it to the next person so that he/she can use the same ticket and so on until the last one. Each time someone uses the T-familiar, it counts as a separate trip.

The Connect Club Card is a discount card that you can use in Barcelona and other cities/towns in partnership with the card like Valencia. The card offers more than 150 discounts in different categories as restaurants, museums, shops, rentals… You can buy the card online or to its office located at “plaza urquinaona 11, 3-2 (+34 933170474). This card is cheaper and directly a competitor of the Barcelona Card that I’m going to tell you just in one moment.

The following cards can be found in any tourist information offices and you can find one at catalunya square near the airport bus stop.

The Barcelona card is also a discount card like the one described above but a little more expensive. The reason is that this card offers free access to public transport in zone 1 and 15 free visits but only 80 discounts in museums, restaurants, shops… and it can be used only during 2days up to 5 days. Of course the price varies according if you buy the 2 days card, the 3 days card, the 4 days card or the 5 days card.

If you are wondering which one to buy, I really don’t have any recommendation. It will depend totally about your plan. Let’s say that if you are not going to use the public transport often, buy the Connect Club Card because it hasn’t an end day so you can use it until you go back at home and also because it has 150 discounts instead of 80 discounts. May be, before to take a decision, it will be wise to check which kinds of discount both cards offer.

The tourist bus ticket is more expensive than a public transport ticket and it should be used exclusively for this bus which means that you can’t use it for the metro for instance, you can choose between a 1 day or 2 days ticket. With the ticket, you can get in and off many times you want and at any tourist bus stop. Moreover to offer you 3 different line tours (blue line, red line and green line) with the same ticket, you will also benefit some discounts in museums, cultures, shops, restaurants… something about 180 euros of total discount. The tourist bus is a good way to know the city quickly because it will bring you to the most important sightseeing of Barcelona like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Football stadium, Batllo house…

Following are 2 different museum cards which will save some money because buying separately the entrance of each place will be a little more expensive.

The Articket Barcelona is a ticket offering the entrance to 7 museums:

  • Picasso museum
  • Antoni Tapies foundation
  • Joan Miro foundation
  • National Art museum of Catalonia (MNAC)
  • Contemporary Art museum of Barcelona (MACBA)
  • Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona (CCCB)
  • La Pedrera

The Arqueoticket is a ticket offering the entrance to 5 museums:

  • Archeology museum of Catalonia
  • Maritime museum of Barcelona
  • History museum of Barcelona
  • Egypt museum of Barcelona
  • Cultures of the World museum of Barcelona

One counsel, if you want to save a little more money, buy online because you will get a little discount on the price if not, in the office, you will have to buy it at full price.