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Discover unfamous beautiful spanish islands

The most famous islands that you may know in Spain should be Canary ones like Tenerife, Las Palmas… and Balearic ones like Mallorca, Ibiza…, and if I tell you that there are other islands in Spain where you can enjoy a great beach during your days off, would you consider it ???

Tabarca island

It possesses 1.800 meters long and it is located in front of Alicante. Not only it is surrounded by crystalline waters but also the European Union has declared it as special protection zone for the birds. To enjoy this nice place, just take a boat and in 1 hour your feet will walk on its land.

Graciosa island

Owning an area of 30 square kilometres, this island is located in the north of Lanzarote and it is part of Chinijo Archipelago. To go there, you have to take a boat from the Orzola harbour and in 25 minutes, you will enjoy a nice place where the normal transport is the bicycle and majority of the streets are sand.

Monteagudo island

Also known as Illa Norte, it belongs to the archipelago of the Islands Cíes in Galicia and declared as Nature Park in 1980. To go there, you will have to take a boat from Vigo, Cangas or Baiona and about 45 minutes you will be able to enjoy a beautiful beach.

Columbretes islands

Located in front of the coast of Castellón about 56 km, this archipelago is formed by 4 islands (Columbrete Grande also known as Illa Grossa, Ferrera, Foradada and Carallot) and it owns a very interesting ecosystem. A good place to do scuba diving inside its crystal water and for people who like nature, don’t miss its Nature and Marine Reserve. During summer time, there are a transport service by boat available from Castellón and Peñíscola but for the other seasons, you will have to find your own way to go there.