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East european cities at low cost

If you have a limited budget for your holidays, the change between your money and the euro can be higher or not but in spite of this difference, the factor most important is the place where you want to go.

For example, if you go to Paris in France, with 2000€, you may be able to stay for example 1 week between the price of the hotels, the entrance of museum, the things you are going to buy… and if you go to Roma in Italy, may be 1 weeks and 3 days.

Of course Paris is not Roma and Roma is not Paris, both cities can’t be compared since there are 2 different cultures but at the end, one will let you enjoy more time

and/or more things during your vacation than the other. Nowadays, the best plan in term of prices is not to visit Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Roma, Vienna… because the costs have increased a lot during those past years but to go to east countries like Poland, Croatia, Bratislava…

Slovak. Its capital is Bratislava which is a very nice city where you can enjoy good foods and good wines in one of the best restaurants for a good price. Take a walk in the old town section to discover an incredible architecture of 14th century and during night time, just enjoy a cocktail in one of its many fashion bars and to dance all night in one of its night clubs including the ones organized on boats.

Bulgaria. The country possesses a lot of interesting things to visit from medieval cities like Veliko Tarnovo to the 19th century architecture like Koprivshtitsa including moslem villages preserved since the Ottoman Empire. The nature park of Stranja and its famous popular beaches of Europe are the other part of its charm.

Poland. At Warsaw, there are interesting shocks of culture which mix impressive Soviet buildings with the most modern restaurants in this capital. You can easily spend for only 8€ for a plate in one of the best restaurants of the city. If you like beach, you can go to Sopot which is considered as "Monaco of the north".

Croatia. If you already know Dubrovnik, go to Trogir known as the museum city because of its many churches, palaces and towers and declared as Patrimony of the Humanity of the UNESCO. The other good point is that it is surrounded by many islands where someone won’t have any problem to find a peaceful and beautiful beach and beside that, there is an increasing of modern night clubs to have good time.

Lithuania. Its 80 kilometres of white beaches provide a good option for summer time and the most interesting city can be Siauliai where hides 14 museums, architecture of the twenties and thirties and for night life, an attractive selection of bars.

If you want to save some money, those cities are the best alternative choices to discover an Europe full of history mixed with modernity in a low cost way.

October 26, 2010