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Fast sex consumption at La Rambla

La rambla of Barcelona owns a lot of charm, during day time with all its souvenir shops open, its famous market “la boqueria”, its human statues… and during night time with its pubs, its restaurants, its clubs…

But at night, you will find other kinds of charm more “sexy”. Since some months now, the street has been conquered by african whores who will not hesitate to take your arm and to drag you to a discreet place if you let them do it.

I will not deny the fact that this profession has always existed but in la rambla, this phenomenon has increased a lot, the big part because of the migration coming from Africa. Indeed, during those recent years, a lot of them try to come in Spain by boat and generally, they enter through one of the towns in the south of the country.

In spite that the police controls the frontier, some are able to sneak out and others, who are caught up and depending of their situation, are allowed to stay and some will be sent back home. Anyway, people, who are able to be “in”, move to the different places of Spain.

After this brief and quick background description, back to Barcelona. On one of the streets near la rambla, it exists long time ago, an old street called “robador” which is very famous to be the whore street but what the city faces right now on la rambla, it is quite new.

Now, people, who need the service of an african whore, don’t need to go to a hotel or to a room, no, they can “consume” it directly between the columns that surround “la boqueria” and in the view of everyone which gives, in my opinion, a very bad picture of the city. Indeed, at night, the market is a good place because of its quiet corners.

If no one comes to see her, she will “fish” someone with the few english words they know without hesitating to put her arms around the body. If this person refuses it and he/she has the right to do it, she will not hesitate to insult him/her with the few words she knows in spanish and in english.

Worse, she will steal this person if he/she doesn’t take a close look of their belongings. And if you are wondering if she can do worst, yes she can. To be alone on the street with her means a great risk to be beaten. You can tell me, “ya but I can fight back” and I will answer you, no. Because just behind you and ready to hit you, there is her pimp.

Since last week, police has been reinforced in this area but it seems not effective because they play the game “the cat and the mouse”. Even if they arrest a whore, they can’t do much because she and her client will get a ticket and if they have to go to jail, they will be released hours later. At least, their presence reduces their activity.

I suggest you to be extremely careful when an african whore comes to see you. If you accept their service, all will be fine but in case not:

  • don’t let her put her arm around you
  • keep an eye on your belongings
  • better to get off her quickly
  • and don’t let her drive you off la rambla except if you know kung fu !!!

Take note that if you are caught by the police on the street, you will get a fine between 1000 euros and 1500 euros for negotiating and 3000 euros for practicing sex.

Even if you know to defend yourself, better to follow my recommendations. If you are looking for an erotic show or something “softer”, read my other topic Erotic places at Barcelona.

September 11, 2009