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Ferry for Balearic Islands

Near Barcelona, there are the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca) so if you want to visit one of those islands during your stay, it is very easy, fast and simple to go there. The distance between Barcelona and:

  • Ibiza is around 310 km
  • Mallorca is around 230 km
  • Menorca is around 230 km

To go there, you have 2 choices, by plane or by boat. The first time I went to Palma de Mallorca, I took the plane and I didn’t feel that I was flying.

The plane just had time to take off from the Barcelona

airport that it had to land to Palma airport so the duration is very short, something like 40 minutes. In the Palma airport, you will notice that majority of signs have the german language. It is because a lot of german people go to the island for their vacation and a lot of them have a house.

The plane is a good option if you don’t have a lot of time or if you don’t like boat but otherwise, you can take a ferry, just to do something different.

There are 3 ferry companies who manage the travel and each one offer 2 travels a day, one during day time and one during night time.

Generally, depending of the company, ferries sail out between 12h-13h to arrive between 19h-20h and between 23h-24h to arrive between 6h-7h. During summer time, you can choose fast ferries so instead to spend between 7h-8h on sea, you will spend between 3h-4h but those fast ferries only operate during day time.

Ibiza is very famous for its parties where you can dance easily 24h non stop if your body and mind can stand but take note that during summer time, bars, restaurants and clubs increase their price.

To know the price and get more information, the best is to consult the official webpage of the companies so if you plan to go by plane, you can check low cost airplane companies like Vueling. And if your plan is by ferry, check Iscomar, Trasmediterranea or Balearia.